Monday, December 27, 2010

Alex DiPeppe's part two

Alex DiPeppe's Italian Restaurant
140-42 W. Las Tunas Drive
Arcadia, CA 91007
Open Tuesday-Friday 11:00a-2:00p and 4:00p-10:00p
Saturday 4:00p-10:00p Sunday 4:00p-9:00p
Closed on Mondays

  It's been over two years since the last time I wrote (old post can found here) about Alex DiPeppe's and thought it was long over due. A week ago my Grandma, we call her Meme, my Mom and my family spent the early evening at our favorite local Italian restaurant. It was our Christmas dinner and we had the whole place to ourselves. When you see Alex DiPeppe's from the outside it looks like a small run down restaurant. You walk inside and it is a small restaurant that has had the same decor for as long as I can remember. The same red and white checkered table cloths had been draped on the tables year after all these years. A familiar sight for anyone that has been there before. The smell from the kitchen hits you right away, again something any regular comes to expect. The quality of food that comes out of the kitchen remains the same as it always has since I was little. The nights dinner cost was not something I had to worry about but I can tell you the dinners run from $10 to $20 a plate.

  My daughter ordered pizza that night but she seemed more interested in talking then eating. She enjoyed a single piece of peperoni pizza. I have had this pizza before and the crust is cooked just right, crunchy outside and soft inside. The right amount of sauce ladled on the pizza with generous amounts of cheese and peperoni. It was good the next night when I had a cold slice. My son got the grilled chicken and pasta. The chicken was good and the pasta was al dente. A simple yet delicious sauce covered the pasta and chicken pile. My son even ate some of the mushrooms that were also included. He was either extremely hungry or he really liked the food. I think it was the food.

  My wife had the chicken alfredo. Man did this look good. It was cooked chicken and noodles covered in a white alfredo sauce. The alfredo sauce was creamy but not too rich. The chicken was plentiful, just enough to have a bite of chicken with every fork full of noodles. With some pepper this sauce was awesome and something I myself may have to order the next I am there.

   Every time I go to Alex DiPeppe's I always order the meat lasagna. This time I wanted to try something different. I saw the parmesan sample plate on the menu it came with eggplant, chicken and veal parmesan and a side of pasta. I wanted to order this but I had never had eggplant before so I wasn't sure if I should. In the end this was meal for the night. The eggplant was the first thing I tried. A deep fried piece of plant cover in meaty sauce and melted cheese. How could this be bad? It was not. This was really tasty and I was surprised how good it actually tasted. The chicken parmesan was nice sized piece of breaded white meat chicken. The breading was seasoned well and overall this was my favorite parmesan on the plate. The veal was thin and breaded with the same breading as the chicken. I thought the veal was a little over cooked but still yummy none the less. The veal was my least favorite thing on the plate. The pasta was covered in the house meat sauce and that was a winner for sure.

  Alex DiPeppe's is a restaurant that I would recommend to anyone in the area to go to or to anyone willing to drive the distance. I know if my mom says lets go to Alex DiPeppe's I will drive from Orange County in a heart beat. Alex DiPeppe's will not disappoint you. The food is made fresh every day and is cooked to order. This restaurant has been a family stop since I was child and is beginning to be a family stop for my own family. I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking for fresh Italian food with that homemade taste.
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Saturday, December 18, 2010

This fox is delicious

The Snooty Fox
23028 Lake Forest Drive
Laguna Hills, CA 92653
Mon-Sun 7am to 3pm

  So I was trolling for suggestions on my Facebook fan page and my friend Niyaz from Fat Dude on a Diet suggested I go check out a place called The Snooty Fox. I typically do not get down that way unless I have a reason. My friend needed help moving and she happens to live down there so the family and I decided to stop at the The Snooty Fox before a day of heavy lifting and moving boxes. Boy was that the wrong choice, moving with a stomach full of breakfast goodness is the suck.

  When we got to The Snooty Fox there were people waiting outside to be seated. The restaurant had inside and outside seating but we wanted to wait for inside seating. While waiting I saw a lot of customers and waitresses address each other by name. This seemed like the kind of place that locals frequent often. Once seated my little one order mini pancakes, my son got the french toast, my wife got steak and eggs and I got a ham and cheese omelet. With drinks and tip this breakfast cost about $50.

  The kiddie pancakes were anything but kiddie sized. These things were the size of normal pancakes from other places. Her meal also came with eggs and bacon. She ate almost all of her pancakes except for the bits I stole. She even ate all of her eggs which is rare for her. This told me she enjoyed her meal. She said the eggs were good and that she loved the pancakes. The pancakes were light and airy and with a little syrup, they were good. When my son ordered the french toast they had two choices either deep fried or griddle top cooked. My son picked deep fried. The french toast was crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Almost reminded me of a deep fried cake. The son enjoyed his meal and ate all but one piece. That was my opportunity to grab a bite or two. I thought that it was a little greasy but still tasty.

  My wife had steak eggs with the steak cooked medium and the eggs over medium. She said the steak was over cooked and the eggs were under cooked and runny. The eggs did look a little under cooked to me but the steak looked fine. I had a bite of the steak and it was tender and tasted like a good piece of meat. My wife also got the "those potatoes" which are O'Brien potatoes. She said these were good and had just the right amount of peppers and onions. Not my cup of tea but they looked good.

  Ah, my good old stand by order, a ham and cheese omelet. I looked over the menu and almost ordered something else thinking to my self I should really try something different. I couldn't do it. When the waitress asked me what I wanted, ham and cheese omelet was what came out of my mouth. This has been my favorite breakfast for as long as I can remember and continues to be a way for me to measure a restaurant. When my plate was placed in front of me it looked awesome. What I found out is that the ham was cooked and piled on the plate. The three eggs were placed on top of the ham pile and then covered in cheese. This was hammy, eggy, cheesy yum on a plate. The hash browns were crunchy on outside and soft on the inside. The way hash browns should be made.

  The Sooty Fox is located in a strip mall and can not be seen from the street. However this is place that you should seek out for an excellent breakfast meal. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming and the food had that home cooked feeling to it. The Snooty Fox is a place I would recommend to anyone that is looking for breakfast that will leave you stuffed and satisfied. Give The Snooty Fox a try and I am sure you will be fan a like I am now. Thanks for the great tip Niyaz.

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Friday, December 10, 2010

50 50 is so so

Burgers by Design
6362 E. Santa Ana Canyon Road
Anaheim Hills, CA 92807

  So I have been told by my two sisters that I needed to go check out Slater's 50/50 Burger. I finally found the time to head over there and give it a try. It was a Friday night so the place was packed full. The wait to just sit down was about forty-five minutes. The inside was loud with sports on the TV, music in the background and of course people talking. By the time I was done eating my food I had an ass full of the noise. The wait staff was nice but crazy busy. Our waiter did do his best to keep our drinks full and help when we had a problem. More on that later.

   Everything at Slater's 50/50 is served a la carte so none of the burgers come with fries, except the kids meals. You have two choices for ordering, either from the menu of pre-built burgers or a menu that allows you to build your own burger. My daughter had the kid sliders, my son and wife did a build your own burger and I had the ballpark. We also ordered a combo plate of appetizers which had french fries, onion strings and fried pickled chips. With four drinks this meal was about $50 but would have been closer to $60 again more on that later.

  We got the appetizer plate which was load full of fries, onion string and fried pickle chips. I went for a fried pickle chip first since I have always wanted to try these little bites of deep fried sourness. The coating they use at Slater's for the pickles reminded my of a tempura batter. The crispy batter, still slightly crunchy pickle that was salty and sour at the same time. The addition of ranch dressing helped round these pickles out to make them really good. The fries and the onion string were nothing special. Now the problem. While my wife was eating a fried pickle she bit into something hard. When she spit it out of her mouth it looked like a piece of broken plate. Now I know this was an isolated case but for my first visit it was not a good start. The waiter did end up taking the cost of appetizer platter of the bill so that is why the check was about $50.


  My daughter had the mini cheese burger sliders. The burger patties reminded me of two pieces of charcoal between some bread. The burgers were way over cooked but that did not seem to matter to my daughter because she did end up finishing both burgers and a handful of fries. My son basically made a bacon cheese burger. He said the burger was tasty and filling. He was only able to finish half the burger but he did munch a lot of fries and onion strings. My wife basically got a bacon cheese burger with guacamole. She had a 50/50 patty which is half beef and half bacon. She had to cut the burger in half so she could eat the burger. She enjoyed the first half of the burger saying it was good and that the guacamole was fresh and creamy. However when she went to eat the second half the patty was so small she just ended up eating the patty and leaving the bun filled with the fixings on the plate. Yeah she may have cut the burger oddly but I had the same problem with my burger.

  As for my burger that Slater's 50/50 calls The Ballpark, it was burger that was covered in "chili" and cheese sauce.  The burger was cover in the "chili", cheese sauce, 1000 island dressing and fresh onions. I too cut my burger to make it easier to eat. The reason I say "chili" is because to me it tasted more like a sloppy joe mixture then chili. The burger was cooked perfectly, the bun was soft and the onions were plentiful. This burger was messy but tasted really good. I was a bit surprised when I took the first bite because I was expecting chili and got sloppy joe instead. Still a tasty blend of flavors just not was I was looking forward to. My first half of the burger was fat and I had a hard time figuring out how to eat the burger. The first half went down in no time so I picked up the second and the patty was gone in a few bites. I was left with a bun full of sloppy joe, onions and dressing.

  Overall I would say Slater's 50/50 Burger did not live up to the hype. The meal was good but I think I was expecting more after hearing all the talk from my sisters. The noise level inside the place was way too loud for my liking. I was really bummed about my wife finding the piece of plate in her food. To be honest I have had better burgers at my local burger joint for half the price. I'm sure I will give Slater's another chance, maybe during lunch so the crowd won't be so large and maybe that will help. At this point in time I am not a fan and would say go check it out for yourself so you can be the judge. Just don't go in there expecting to have the best burger of your life.
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Friday, December 3, 2010

Mandarin in Orange

574 S. Glassell
Orange, CA 92866

  In my daily travels to work I used to drive down Glassell and would always pass Yen Ching Restaurant. I had asked myself many times "I wonder if that place is any good?". Well finally the family and I took the time to check this place out. From the outside it does not look like much but when you open the doors you are greeted with a nice sized eating area and well groomed tables. The wait staff seats you and menus are presented right away. As a family of four we decided to get the dinner special for four. Since our youngest is only six and our oldest is twelve they each ate for half price. This dinner special includes soup, appetizers, choice of entree and dessert. As a family we picked egg flower soup, the appetizers were paper wrapped chicken, pot sticker and egg roll. The entrees were mu-shu pork, mongolian beef, orange chicken and broccoli beef. With drinks and tip this meal was about $90.

  We started with the egg flower soup. This was a great bowl of egg flower soup. The soup had nice bite sized pieces of chicken and the egg was strung through out the soup perfectly. The small cubes of veggies were crisp and added a nice bite to the soup. The stock had that classic chicken flavor. This bowl would be up there as one of my favorite bowls of egg flower soup. The appetizers came next and I started with the paper wrapped chicken. Again this was delicious the chicken had that salty soy sauce and herby taste. The pot sticker and egg roll were yummy but what made these even better was a sauce served on the side. I wish I knew the name of the sauce but it was dark like soy but had a sweet taste to it.

  The main dishes came next and it all started with the mu-shu pork which I had never had before. The waiter mad the mu-shu wraps and added a sweet plum sauce. The dish was was full bean sprouts and thinly sliced pork. I wasn't sure about the plum sauce since I had never had it before but that sauce totally made the wrap. My first couple bites I did not get any sauce but once I got the plum sauce the wrap went from okay to great. After the mu-shu pork the rest of food came all at one time and it was on like Donkey Kong. The whole family started digging in like ravenous zombies feasting on a fresh kill. The orange chicken had a crispy shell and was doused in this sweet orange sauce that was zesty. The mongolian beef was really good and loaded with green onions. The sauce perfectly coated the beef. The broccoli beef had huge pieces of broccoli and what I think was bamboo shoots. The broccoli was cooked to just the right texture. This is one of the only ways I will eat broccoli. I am not sure how else explain this other then pure awesome sauce.

  Yen Ching Restaurant was a hit with myself and the family. My daughter ate way more food then I thought she would. She ate at least two bowls of soup, almost all of her appetizers and she ate a little bit of everything else. She did great and tried everything. My son couldn't talk because his mouth was full of food the entire time. My wife and I agreed that Yen Ching Restaurant would definitely be a place that we would visit again and recommend to our family and friends. This family style meal would be great for just the wife and I on a night out or taking friends out for some great food.

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Turkey Day with PKE

Happy Thanksgiving
  Thanksgiving night at my house was amazing. We had turkey with all the fixings. The turkey was moist, the skin was crispy. The mashed potatoes were skin on and yummy. The corn was fresh and sweet. The dressing was loaded with sausage, bacon and apples. I am stuffed to the brim as I write this post.

  Thanksgiving is a time to spend with family and friends. I have always tried to convey that PKE is not only about food but also about family. Saying that I have decided to take the week off from a full on review so I can spend the time with my family. Stay tuned for my next review. Happy Thanksgiving to all, stay safe and see you next week.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Waffle sandwiches from Bruxie

292 North Glassell St.
Orange, CA 92866
Open Daily 9am - 9pm

  What a week I have had. My computer has been down due to bad RAM. I finally got it up and running on Thursday night. Work was crazy busy and the family has been running around getting ready for the holidays. I read many different local food blogs and all of them were buzzing about this place called Bruxie Gourmet Waffle Sandwiches in Old Town Orange that made waffle sandwiches. At first I thought the same thing you are all thinking, that just sounds gross. So I made it a point to get over and try them for myself.

  When the family and I got to Bruxie there was a line to order but it moved quick, once you order you can find a place to sit and the staff will call out your name to let you know when your food is ready. My daughter ordered the peanut butter and strawberry preserves sandwich, my son and wife ordered the buttermilk fried chicken and waffle sandwich and I ordered the Bruxie burger. I also ordered two orders waffle fries and two sodas. The total bill for this meal was $40 even.

  The peanut butter and jelly is made with all natural peanut butter and a choice of three preserves. My daughter swiped up half of her sandwich and started to eat right away. She was excited because she got to have PB&J for dinner. Of course I had to have a bite myself and damn was this a good PB&J. The waffle was crisp, the peanut butter was creamy and full of roasted flavor, the strawberry preserves added the perfect fruity taste. A sandwich I would order for myself in the future. My son and wife got the same sandwich, I knew my wife would order this because she can not get enough chicken and waffles. The chicken appeared to be piece of breast meat that was cooked to golden brown and delicious. They both had cheese added to the sandwich. My wife offered me a bite of hers and I gladly accepted. The chicken was moist and the waffle was crispy. They both told me that the sandwich was tasty and it was something they would order again.

  The Bruxie burger I ordered is an Angus beef patty with cheddar cheese, sliced tomatoes, lettuce and sliced pickles. I picked up this sandwich up and tried to decide how to attack it, finally I just opened wide and bit down. This sandwich was amazing. The patty was cooked to order, fresh juicy tomatoes, crisp lettuce and tangy pickles. The waffle was crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. The nooks of the waffle stored the juices from the burger so almost none of it was lost. Melted gooey cheese added the sharp bite to even out all the flavors of the Bruxie burger. I was thoroughly impressed with this burger and would highly recommend any burger lover try the Bruxie burger.

  I can not forget to mention a few other items from Bruxie. The waffle fries were crunchy, salty and fluffy all at the same time. They were the perfect side to all these sandwiches. The soda at Bruxie is made with pure cane sugar which in my opinion is the best way to make soda. You do not get that film in your mouth that off the shelf sodas can give you. After all this there is one other thing on the menu that is a must have item and that is the frozen custard. After talking with Dean Simon, Chief Waffler at Bruxie, he told me the custard base comes from a source in Wisconsin. Oh baby was this stuff good! The custard was smooth, creamy and eggy like any good custard should be. The vanilla flavor was nice but not so intense that the other flavors of the custard were lost. I am telling if you do nothing else go to Bruxie and get a frozen custard, you will not regret it.

  Overall Bruxie is a winner in my book and should it be around for a long time. The wait staff was awesome and super helpful. They were always asking if there was anything they could get you or if there was anything they could do to help. I really liked the fact that Dean was out busting his ass just like the rest of the people. He was friendly and I could spent all night talking with him. The combination of great food and awesome service is something that is rarely seen now a days. Bruxie gets an A+ from me and I will definitely be going back. Take time out of your day to try Bruxie you will not be disappointed.
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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bacon Slamburger

Denny's Restaurant
Bacon Slamburger

  Last weekend my friends band was playing, Broken Patron Saints, out in Temecula at a place called The Vault. My wife and I dropped the kids off at Grandma and Grandpa's place and made the trek out to the venue. The traffic was horrible as one expect on a Friday night but we made it just in time to see my friend play. The show was awesome and BPS rocked. After the show we all got together and collectively decided it was time to eat. Someone chimed with Denny's as a suggestion and we all agreed. So we made our way to the closest Denny's. Once there we sat down and I began to scan the menu for something that look good. I was in the mood for breakfast but the burgers on the menu looked really good. I haven't had a burger at Denny's in a long time so I assumed they were the basic fast food type burger but then I saw the bacon slamburger. A burger with bacon, cheese, cheese sauce, meat patty, hash browns and a friend egg. I was sold breakfast and a burger all in one.

  When this burger arrived at my table I was a bit surprised at how it looked. It did not look like the Denny's burger that I had remembered. The meat patty looked like it was hand made, though I am almost sure it was not, the bun looked fresh and the rest of the burger just plain looked tasty. I grabbed this large burger and shoved it in my wide open mouth. The first bite had a little bit of everything in it bacony, cheesy, eggy goodness. I was shocked at how good this burger really was. The meat patty was cooked perfectly. It was juicy and not dried out. The egg was over medium like I order so there was some yolk left over. The hash brown were crispy yet soft at the same time. The bacon added that perfect salty pork flavor to the burger. A well rounded flavor that any burger lover would enjoy.

picture is from the Denny's web site

  What a burger! Next time you are Denny's and you can not choose between breakfast or a burger why not get both in one awesome setup. I will definitely be ordering this the next time I go a Denny's. I hope this burger is not a trial menu item and if it is Denny's had better keep this bad boy around.

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Best Breakfast in Town?

240 N. Tustin Ave.
Orange, CA 92867

  Last week my wife and I took the weekend off together since we were celebrating our sixth year wedding anniversary. Since the kids were at school we decided to go have a breakfast together and alone. The both of us had always heard about Arthur's Family Restaurant on Tustin Ave and how good their breakfast was, so that was were we headed. From the outside it kind of looks like an old west saloon or hotel. On the inside the restaurant has the same kind of decor. The wait staff was super friendly and since it was a Friday it was not too busy. My wife ordered some chicken and waffles and I got a ham and cheese omelet with a side of country for my biscuits. With drinks this breakfast ran us about twenty five bucks.

  My wife has fallen in love with chicken and waffles so when she saw this on the menu there was nothing that could change her mind. The chicken breast looked a bit small and the waffles looked crispy. My wife said the chicken was moist and delicious. She said the waffles was really good too. I tried the waffle and it had a crispy outside and a fluffy inside. A very good waffle that could definitely stand on its own.

  For me a ham and cheese omelet is standard breakfast grub. If a restaurant can impress me with a good ham and cheese omelet then I will come back time and time again. My ham and cheese omelet was covered in shredded cheese. The eggs were fluffy and cooked perfectly. The ham chunks were nice sized, tasty little nuggets of porkyness. The entire omelet was loaded with cheese. The overall taste of the omelet was good but nothing out of this world. The omelet was better then some I have had but not the best I have ever had. The potatoes that came with the omelet were cooked like O'Brian potatoes but I got them without peppers and onions. These potatoes where crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, a well cooked breakfast style potatoes. The biscuits really reminded me of the store bought biscuits in a cardboard tube. The country gravy tasted more of milk then sausage. The gravy needed more black pepper. The combo of biscuits and gravy was tasty.

  Overall I felt Arthur's Family Restaurant delivered two good plates of food. I would good back and have their breakfast again. Was it the best? Not in my opinion. The food was good but nothing that I could not have got at any other local restaurant. However the friendly wait staff made things a bit better. Super attentive and willing to help where they were needed.
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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Shabu..huh? Shabu Shabu

1945 E. 17th Street, Ste. 108
Santa Ana, CA 92705

  So I have been telling my wife for weeks that I wanted to try shabu shabu. This was something that I had heard was good, fun and tasty. I had also heard that the Shabu Shabu Bar in Santa Ana was the restaurant for shabu shabu. My family had a good week so we decided to splurge, try a new restaurant and a new style of food we have never had before.

  From the outside the Shabu Shabu Bar looks small and when you walk it is small. There are two U shaped bars that are lined with chairs. At each chair is your own bowl that is used to cook the meat and veggies. There is also a place setting for each customer. I was hoping for a sit down but figured we would still give it a try. Once seated we got the menu and my eyes about popped out of my head looking at the prices. Oh damn this was gonna be expensive. I order the three meat combo, my wife ordered the two meat combo, my son got the seafood combo and my daughter got a side of chicken. With drinks and tip the whole meal cost me $92.

  My son got mussels and salmon for his meat and a plate of the fresh vegetables that comes with each plate of meat. My son had never tried mussels before and he said that they tasted good. My daughter even had a couple of his mussels and she gobbled them down. My son also said the salmon tasted fresh and that is was very good. Since I pretty much hate anything that comes from the ocean I let my son enjoy that plate all to himself. My daughters side of chicken was devoured by her since was really hungry that night. She even enjoyed a lot of the veggies that I did not think she would have eaten at all.

  My wife's combo plate had rib eye beef and chicken. My wife enjoyed her plate of meat and the fresh veggies. She was sharing some of meat with our daughter and veggies too. My wife said she liked the chicken but really though the beef was tender and delicious. She also said the veggies were crisp and that they good. Her favorite was the fresh cabbage dipped in the hot water to cook it quickly then dipped in the one of sauces the Shabu Shabu Bar gives you with your meal.

  My plate has thinly sliced beef, chicken and pork. All the meat on my plate was was good and when briefly cooked in the hot water came out tender. I enjoyed the beef the most of all three meats. This beef was rib eye with some nice fat marbled throughout. The chicken was, well it tasted like chicken. I did not think there was anything special about this chicken. The pork was my second favorite meat on the plate. After being cook it too tender and went very well wit the sauces offered with the meal. I thought the best thing to do was cook a bit cabbage, a piece of meat and roll them together.

  At the end of the meal the staff will make you a bowl of soup using the cooking liquid from your meal. I am not sure what they used for the soup base but this soup was amazing. I asked what the base was made of and all I was told is that it is made fresh every day. I could gone in and just had a bowl of this soup but unfortunately this soup can only be had at the end of your meal. The best thing about this soup is it will be different for every person. It depends on how you use the cooking water for your meal.

  All in all I did enjoy my food at the Shabu Shabu Bar. However I must admit I have had better meals for the price I paid for this meal. The meat was good, the veggies were fresh and I did walk out full. If you have some extra cash and don't mind spending it on food I would suggest you give the Shabu Shabu Bar a try.
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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mexican Food again? Yes of course!

Los Sanchez
Mexican Food, Sonora Style
11906 Garden Grove Blvd.
Garden Grove, CA 92843
Sunday thru Thursday 9am to 10pm
Friday and Saturday 9am to 11pm
(714) 590-9300

  It's a Saturday afternoon and my family and I are getting ready to go have lunch with some friends at a restaurant that has come highly recommend by one the friends we are meeting. The family jumps in the car and starts our Saturday journey. We had a lot to do this weekend and this lunch was the start. We pull up to Los Sanchez and the parking lot is pretty full, which is a good sign. It kind of looks like a large house from the outside with a patio area. When you walk in the first you will probably notice is the large menu board above the cash registers. This menu board was huge, so many different things to order. They had burrito plates, taco plates, seafood, dinner plates, side orders and a kids menu. So many items to pick from it was hard for me to choose. So far so good. Time to order our food and you order by number so I ramble off one number 25, one number 17, one number 45 and my wife got a burrito. For the four of us the meal cost $45 including four small drinks. Our friend that recommend this place got a number 39 and his was about $10 including a large drink.

  My daughter got the number 25 which is a three taquitos plate. The taquitos she got were chicken but you have a choice beef and chicken. My son got the number 45 which is a quesadilla which again has a choice of cheese or meat and cheese, he got chicken. My wife got carne asada burrito and a side of chips with guacamole and I got the 17 which is a carnitas plates. The dinner plates are served all day and they all come with beans and rice on the side. Lastly our friend got the 39 which is chimichanga filled with your choice of meat, he got lengua, which is beef tongue. After ordering we found a place to sit and a few minutes later the food was at our table. All the food looked good and we were all ready to grub.

  My daughter is so damn cute, she got the taquito plate placed in front of her and she asked what the green stuff was and told her it was guacamole. She then told me she did not like guacamole and I needed to take it off for her and I did. But then she started licking the taquito and I asked her what she was doing, her response was "I don't like guacamole and there is some still on it." That made me smile, she is silly. She finally got to eating and chowed down all three taquitos the some of the beans and rice with no complaints. My son got a huge quesadilla packed full of chicken and cheese. He too enjoyed his meal telling me that the quesadilla was really good and the chicken was tasty. He also said the quesadilla had a nice crunch on the outside, must have been from how they cooked it.

  My wife got a burrito that was huge and looked like it was about to break out of the tortilla. She cut it open so I could get a picture of the contents and it oozed the filling all over her plate. My wife said this was a good burrito. She said the carne asada had good flavor and the rest of the ingredients in the burrito were also good. I did not try the burrito because it had a ton of sour cream in it and I hate that stuff. Even with that rotten milk stuff the burrito looked really good.

  My plate was filled with carnitas, rice, beans, lettuce, guacamole and a few flour tortillas. I started by grabbing a tortilla and filling it with beans for a base, lettuce, rice, carnitas and guacamole for the topper. My first bite filled my taste buds with flavors that all melded very well with each other. The pork had good flavor and all the other filling were fresh and crisp. I tried the carnitas on it's own they were dry and reminded me more of pulled pork before it gets doused in BBQ sauce. When I think of carnitas I think of tender, juicy and fall apart meat. This carnitas had none of those qualities. Not to say it was bad just not the best carnitas I have ever had. I did finish everything on plate so it couldn't have been that bad.

  My friend got this deep fried gut buster cover in red sauce. The chimichanga was made with lengua which is something I have never had before. My friends asked me to try and I did so with hesitation. I have never eaten anything that could taste me back so I was a little fearful. It was tender, kind of slimy and had the same flavor as the carnitas. It was good but I am not sure I could eat a whole burrito. However my friend was determinately enjoying himself, He kept making comments about how good the whole chimichanga was and how this was favorite dish at Los Sanchez.

  As whole I would go back to Los Sanchez and try some other food off the menu. With so many choices you could have a different meal for weeks and never eat the same thing twice. This restaurant is worth a visit if you are in the neighborhood and craving some good Mexican food. Do your self a favor and give Los Sanchez a try, I do not think you will be disappointed.

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dark Chocolate, Smoked Salt and Bacon..Oh My!

Vosges Haut Chocolat
Mo's Dark Bacon Bar
  A few weeks ago I was at Powell's Sweet Shoppe with some friends and saw a candy bar that was 62% dark chocolate with smoked sea salt and applewood smoked bacon inside it. I made a comment to my friends that the candy bar sounded good. I have always heard people talk about how bacon and chocolate was a good combo and I love both item by themselves so I thought this might be worth trying but did not buy the bar. We were at Powell's to get our gelato fix and while eating the gelato my friends pulls the candy car out of her bag of goodies and gives it to me. I was stoked at the time because it was unexpected and I was excited to try this different candy bar.

  I opened up the candy bar and could smell the mix of good dark chocolate and smoke. I assumed the smokey smell was from the smoked sea salt. With anticipation I broke a corner of the bar off and took another sniff. The smell of smoke filled my nose this time. I bit half of the square and started to chew. The very first I tasted was dark chocolate, then the smokey flavor kicked in and completely overpowered everything else. This was not good at all. It was like eating a mouth full of smoke with a hint of chocolate in the background. I like watching Bizarre Foods and the host, Andrew Zimmerman, says you should always try something twice before you say you do not like it. So with that in mind I flung the last half of the square into my mouth. The same nasty flavor filled my mouth. The candy bar had bits of bacon in it that were chewy and every time I crunched into the salt it was just intense smoke flavor. It was just too much.

If I remember correctly this was about a five dollar candy bar and I would recommend you spend your money else where. I'm there is someone out there that likes this monstrosity of a candy bar but I am not that person. I really wanted to enjoy this candy after hearing all the different things I've heard about the combination of bacon and chocolate but it was not anything like what I had hoped for. I'm sure I will try the combo again at some point but never again will it in this form.