Tuesday, September 14, 2010

chicken and waffles..yum!

Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles

  Friday at 5:45 AM and I hear BUZZ!! BUZZ!! it's my alarm going off to wake me up for what would be a Friday I will not forget for a long time. This was not my average Friday because I had to go get a root canal and fitted for a cap on my tooth. Normally it wouldn't be too much of concern but the family and I had plans to eat out with friends at Roscoe's and I was not going to miss this opportunity. My dentist appointment was at 8 AM so after the kids got ready for school and were dropped off the wife took me to the dentist. Three and half hours later my root canal is finished and I have a temporary cap. My jaw hurting from it being manipulated in so many different directions. My tooth throbbing with pain and I only have over the counter pain medicine to help. The day goes on and the wife asks me if I still want to go to Roscoe's and my only response is "You know it". Seven o'clock rolls around and it's time to go, kids are strapped in and we are off to the Long Beach location.

  We get to Roscoe's and are seated almost immediately which I was happy about since I was one hungry dude. The little one order a single waffle, my son got a Carrol C, my wife got a Carrol C and I too got a Carrol C with a side corn bread. The Carrol C is the menu item I would recommend for anyone going to Roscoe's for the first time. This will get you one waffle and a fired chicken breast. Food arrived on the table about ten minutes after we ordered it which again was awesome because I was about to eat my napkin. Everyone was ready to dive into the food but my pictures had to be taken first. I almost lost a finger trying to get the plate away from my son. Pictures done, let the food frenzy begin. 

  For me I started with the waffle since it was soft and easy to chew, I figured it would hurt my mouth the least. I snatched up my fork and butter knife covered the waffle in whipped butter and all the syrup I was given. I take my first bite and I was wrong, it still hurt like crazy to eat but I wasn't about to stop. The waffle is not thick but it is light and fluffy with some spices in it. What those spices are I can only guess, maybe some cinnamon and nutmeg. That waffle was gone in about four fork fulls with as little chewing done as possible. The task ahead of me was to conquer that massive chicken breast. The coating on this chicken is light but so crunchy and flavorful. I'm thinking they use some of the same spices in the chicken coating as the waffle so they match with each other.  You think the Colonel makes good chicken he's got nothing on this chicken. The chicken is moist, perfectly cooked and tender. The chicken breast is typically a difficult piece of chicken to cook well and Roscoe's knows how to cook this piece of meat. It is crispy piece of hand held deliciousness. I was ripping pieces of the white meat off the bone, dipping it in the left over syrup and doing my best to chew on the good side of my mouth but failing miserably. Even the pain of a root canal could not stop me from savoring ever last bite of that chicken. The corn bread is served with a small scoop of whipped butter. This corn bread almost reminds of a piece cake due to the portion size. The corn bread has a slight bite to it due to the corm meal used in it's making. A meal fit for a king or a some guy that just walked in from the street.

  For anyone out there that says "chicken and waffles they don't go together" you could not be any more wrong. I too though this same thing until I finally got to Roscoe's and tried it for myself. There is something about this plate of food that sounds wrong but is so right. Walking out of there with a full belly, a satisfied wife and two kids that cleared their plates was worth the price. For my family to eat there, including drinks it was about forty-five dollars. Anyone reading this blog post that is anywhere near a Roscoe's should take the time to visit this little piece of heaven on earth, you will not regret it.

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