Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Orange Street Fair

The Orange Street Fair
Labor Day weekend 2010

  So this past weekend was Labor Day weekend and with that comes the Orange Street Fair. I had all kinds of grand plans to eat at as many food stalls as my stomach would allow but sadly that did not happen. My plans went south with the sheer amount of things my family and I wanted to fit in that weekend. With the wife working, the kids wanting to go swimming, me wanting to stuff my face and waiting to see my friends band play. It ended up that the wife and I got the street fair on Sunday and only had about an hour to spare before my friends band was going to start playing. So the wife had a chance to eat at one food stall and we decided to get a gyro from one of the Greek food stalls.

  The idea to have a gyro was embedded in my wife's head by her friend that recommended we try this Greek sandwich. I had never had one before and was not a fan of some of ingredients that are typically in a gyro. I do not normally like raw onions or yogurt based sauces. While in line I kept asking myself if I should ask to get one without sauce then I asked my wife and she said that we should try the gyro as it was made so we can get the full experience. I agreed and got the gyro as it was made and I am glad I did so. For those that do not know what gyro is, here is a link to the Wiki page.

  This gyro had juicy pieces of well cooked lamb, fresh onions, two thick slices of ripe tomatoes and the yogurt sauce. The whole combination of flavors in my mouth just worked so well that I was very surprised at how much I actually enjoyed the gyro. The baby sheep was very well seasoned and perfectly cooked on a flat top griddle which gave it a nice crust that added a little bit of texture. The onions, while not a fan of raw onions, we fresh and added a nice bite to the gyro. The tomatoes sweet sweet but had a hint of acid that helped to cut through the richness of the lamb. The yogurt sauce was the lynch pin that tied this whole experience together. The sauce was spread on pita bread in a thin layer but just enough to let know it was there. An all around great meal and I was had got two.

  What else can I say? It was a great start to an awesome night of music and beer that followed. Due this I have come to the conclusion that I will have to be more open to trying new thing when it comes to food. When I was a kid the choices I made for food were very small and I see that same thing in my own kids today. If I can show them that I am willing to try new things then my hope is to get them to also try new food. So that way they do not grow up on just hamburgers, fries and chicken nuggets. As I grow I notice my taste pallet is growing and I am truly enjoying the new food that I am eating.

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