Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dark Chocolate, Smoked Salt and Bacon..Oh My!

Vosges Haut Chocolat
Mo's Dark Bacon Bar
  A few weeks ago I was at Powell's Sweet Shoppe with some friends and saw a candy bar that was 62% dark chocolate with smoked sea salt and applewood smoked bacon inside it. I made a comment to my friends that the candy bar sounded good. I have always heard people talk about how bacon and chocolate was a good combo and I love both item by themselves so I thought this might be worth trying but did not buy the bar. We were at Powell's to get our gelato fix and while eating the gelato my friends pulls the candy car out of her bag of goodies and gives it to me. I was stoked at the time because it was unexpected and I was excited to try this different candy bar.

  I opened up the candy bar and could smell the mix of good dark chocolate and smoke. I assumed the smokey smell was from the smoked sea salt. With anticipation I broke a corner of the bar off and took another sniff. The smell of smoke filled my nose this time. I bit half of the square and started to chew. The very first I tasted was dark chocolate, then the smokey flavor kicked in and completely overpowered everything else. This was not good at all. It was like eating a mouth full of smoke with a hint of chocolate in the background. I like watching Bizarre Foods and the host, Andrew Zimmerman, says you should always try something twice before you say you do not like it. So with that in mind I flung the last half of the square into my mouth. The same nasty flavor filled my mouth. The candy bar had bits of bacon in it that were chewy and every time I crunched into the salt it was just intense smoke flavor. It was just too much.

If I remember correctly this was about a five dollar candy bar and I would recommend you spend your money else where. I'm there is someone out there that likes this monstrosity of a candy bar but I am not that person. I really wanted to enjoy this candy after hearing all the different things I've heard about the combination of bacon and chocolate but it was not anything like what I had hoped for. I'm sure I will try the combo again at some point but never again will it in this form.


ChickenFreak said...

Yeah, I was sort of disappointed by this, too. I did enjoy it - I think I didn't get as much smoke as you did, and I love chocolate with salt, but the bacon was more of a weird-crunch distraction than a bonus. I'll get my chocolate-with-salt fix elsewhere from now on.

PapaKaster said...

ChickenFreak - This was my first time having salted chocolate and it wasn't good. I would try it again but not candy bar.