Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mexican Food again? Yes of course!

Los Sanchez
Mexican Food, Sonora Style
11906 Garden Grove Blvd.
Garden Grove, CA 92843
Sunday thru Thursday 9am to 10pm
Friday and Saturday 9am to 11pm
(714) 590-9300

  It's a Saturday afternoon and my family and I are getting ready to go have lunch with some friends at a restaurant that has come highly recommend by one the friends we are meeting. The family jumps in the car and starts our Saturday journey. We had a lot to do this weekend and this lunch was the start. We pull up to Los Sanchez and the parking lot is pretty full, which is a good sign. It kind of looks like a large house from the outside with a patio area. When you walk in the first you will probably notice is the large menu board above the cash registers. This menu board was huge, so many different things to order. They had burrito plates, taco plates, seafood, dinner plates, side orders and a kids menu. So many items to pick from it was hard for me to choose. So far so good. Time to order our food and you order by number so I ramble off one number 25, one number 17, one number 45 and my wife got a burrito. For the four of us the meal cost $45 including four small drinks. Our friend that recommend this place got a number 39 and his was about $10 including a large drink.

  My daughter got the number 25 which is a three taquitos plate. The taquitos she got were chicken but you have a choice beef and chicken. My son got the number 45 which is a quesadilla which again has a choice of cheese or meat and cheese, he got chicken. My wife got carne asada burrito and a side of chips with guacamole and I got the 17 which is a carnitas plates. The dinner plates are served all day and they all come with beans and rice on the side. Lastly our friend got the 39 which is chimichanga filled with your choice of meat, he got lengua, which is beef tongue. After ordering we found a place to sit and a few minutes later the food was at our table. All the food looked good and we were all ready to grub.

  My daughter is so damn cute, she got the taquito plate placed in front of her and she asked what the green stuff was and told her it was guacamole. She then told me she did not like guacamole and I needed to take it off for her and I did. But then she started licking the taquito and I asked her what she was doing, her response was "I don't like guacamole and there is some still on it." That made me smile, she is silly. She finally got to eating and chowed down all three taquitos the some of the beans and rice with no complaints. My son got a huge quesadilla packed full of chicken and cheese. He too enjoyed his meal telling me that the quesadilla was really good and the chicken was tasty. He also said the quesadilla had a nice crunch on the outside, must have been from how they cooked it.

  My wife got a burrito that was huge and looked like it was about to break out of the tortilla. She cut it open so I could get a picture of the contents and it oozed the filling all over her plate. My wife said this was a good burrito. She said the carne asada had good flavor and the rest of the ingredients in the burrito were also good. I did not try the burrito because it had a ton of sour cream in it and I hate that stuff. Even with that rotten milk stuff the burrito looked really good.

  My plate was filled with carnitas, rice, beans, lettuce, guacamole and a few flour tortillas. I started by grabbing a tortilla and filling it with beans for a base, lettuce, rice, carnitas and guacamole for the topper. My first bite filled my taste buds with flavors that all melded very well with each other. The pork had good flavor and all the other filling were fresh and crisp. I tried the carnitas on it's own they were dry and reminded me more of pulled pork before it gets doused in BBQ sauce. When I think of carnitas I think of tender, juicy and fall apart meat. This carnitas had none of those qualities. Not to say it was bad just not the best carnitas I have ever had. I did finish everything on plate so it couldn't have been that bad.

  My friend got this deep fried gut buster cover in red sauce. The chimichanga was made with lengua which is something I have never had before. My friends asked me to try and I did so with hesitation. I have never eaten anything that could taste me back so I was a little fearful. It was tender, kind of slimy and had the same flavor as the carnitas. It was good but I am not sure I could eat a whole burrito. However my friend was determinately enjoying himself, He kept making comments about how good the whole chimichanga was and how this was favorite dish at Los Sanchez.

  As whole I would go back to Los Sanchez and try some other food off the menu. With so many choices you could have a different meal for weeks and never eat the same thing twice. This restaurant is worth a visit if you are in the neighborhood and craving some good Mexican food. Do your self a favor and give Los Sanchez a try, I do not think you will be disappointed.

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