Saturday, October 2, 2010

That's not ice cream, it's gelato

27000 Alicia Parkway
Laguna Niguel CA 92677

  A few months ago some friends of ours told the wife and I about this candy store that served the best gelato ever. I was skeptical because the last time I had gelato is was awful. I watch a lot of Food Network so I had heard many times about gelato and how it was different from ice cream. Here is a wiki about gelato if you want to know more. My first experience with gelato made me hesitant to try it a second time. The wife seemed to have the same feelings as I but our friends guaranteed us that we had bad gelato the first and that Powell's gelato was different. So we agreed to get some before a night at the movies.

  When you first walk into this Powell's your eyes will go crazy trying to figure what to look at first. This place is loaded with just about every kind of candy a person could think of, from old time candy to the newest candy available. This store was impressive just by shear the amount of candy choices they had. I saw candy there that I had not seen since I was younger. The store carried paper dot candy that I remember eating as a kid when my family and I went to amusement parks. They had these salt water taffy candies that are very thin and spread knid of like a candy bar. Again I had not seen these since I was kid. They even had the candy cigarettes that made little puffs of smoke. I remember buying these thing when I was kid and thinking I was so cool. The candy alone could keep you occupied for hours. But the real star of the shop is the gelato.

  That first night the gelato counter has creme brulee, rocky road and abba zaba both had bits of the candy bar in it, dark chocolate, cheese cake and so many more flavors. Enough choices that anyone could find something they liked. I got the regular size which allows you to pick two flavors and cost less then four bucks. I went with the creme brulee and dark chocolate. The creme brulee gelato was so good it reminded me of eating the real thing. This gelato even had bits of caramelized sugar in it which made the taste even more authentic. The gelato it self was smooth and creamy like a soft serve ice cream. The dark chocolate gelato I had reminded me of a well crafted piece of dark chocolate candy. I was hooked from that point.

  Fast forward about month, the wife and I had the opportunity to go out again. We had decided to go see our friends out that way and told them we had to go to Powell's again. They did not argue since they love Powell's as much as the wife and I do. I was stoked, could not wait to get my hands on some creme brulee gelato again. I get to the counter and DOH, no creme brulee. I looked over the counter and saw fresh ginger gelato and asked for a sample, if you like ginger then you will love this gelato. The gelato was a sweet base, almost like vanilla custard with finely chopped pieces of ginger. Oh by the way if you want to sample any gelato flavor before you buy they have absolutely no problems giving you a taste. I was bummed for about five seconds until the wife and I ordered strawberry cheesecake and rocky road. The strawberry cheesecake gelato was streaked with red strawberry goo. I am not sure what it was, it almost looked like jam but it wasn't so I just called it goo that night. Not a bad thing at all. The bits of graham cracker crust made this gelato taste as if you eating a piece of cheesecake. The rocky road gelato had the same ingredients as the actual candy bar and bits of the candy bar mixed in. This was gelato was awesome and just as delicious as any other flavors I had tried from Powell's. A rich chocolate based gelato with whole mini marshmallows and almond chucks.

  I can not wait until the next the wife and I get a chance to head to Powell's. Our friends out there are going to start thinking the wife and I are just coming to see them so we can go to Powell's. Not true guys, we love you. Check out Powell's web site as they have multiple locations, one maybe near you. You may go to Powell's for the vast selection of candy but you can not leave without getting a gelato. Even better get a gelato and then browse all the different candy selections. The prices for both candy and gelato were reasonable and not overboard at all. Powell's fills two places in my I mean tummy, candy and now gelato.

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