Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bacon Slamburger

Denny's Restaurant
Bacon Slamburger

  Last weekend my friends band was playing, Broken Patron Saints, out in Temecula at a place called The Vault. My wife and I dropped the kids off at Grandma and Grandpa's place and made the trek out to the venue. The traffic was horrible as one expect on a Friday night but we made it just in time to see my friend play. The show was awesome and BPS rocked. After the show we all got together and collectively decided it was time to eat. Someone chimed with Denny's as a suggestion and we all agreed. So we made our way to the closest Denny's. Once there we sat down and I began to scan the menu for something that look good. I was in the mood for breakfast but the burgers on the menu looked really good. I haven't had a burger at Denny's in a long time so I assumed they were the basic fast food type burger but then I saw the bacon slamburger. A burger with bacon, cheese, cheese sauce, meat patty, hash browns and a friend egg. I was sold breakfast and a burger all in one.

  When this burger arrived at my table I was a bit surprised at how it looked. It did not look like the Denny's burger that I had remembered. The meat patty looked like it was hand made, though I am almost sure it was not, the bun looked fresh and the rest of the burger just plain looked tasty. I grabbed this large burger and shoved it in my wide open mouth. The first bite had a little bit of everything in it bacony, cheesy, eggy goodness. I was shocked at how good this burger really was. The meat patty was cooked perfectly. It was juicy and not dried out. The egg was over medium like I order so there was some yolk left over. The hash brown were crispy yet soft at the same time. The bacon added that perfect salty pork flavor to the burger. A well rounded flavor that any burger lover would enjoy.

picture is from the Denny's web site

  What a burger! Next time you are Denny's and you can not choose between breakfast or a burger why not get both in one awesome setup. I will definitely be ordering this the next time I go a Denny's. I hope this burger is not a trial menu item and if it is Denny's had better keep this bad boy around.


Anonymous said...

Review Fat Burger for us.

PapaKaster said...

There is Fat Burger in Orange not too far away from my house. Any particular menu item I should try? I love me just about any good burger.

jav-E said...

Yo Nate!

Can you please review the following:
El Pollo Fino

PapaKaster said...

@Jav-e..Bruxie is coming real soon, end of this week. I will have to look into the other two places. Thanks for the suggestions.