Monday, December 27, 2010

Alex DiPeppe's part two

Alex DiPeppe's Italian Restaurant
140-42 W. Las Tunas Drive
Arcadia, CA 91007
Open Tuesday-Friday 11:00a-2:00p and 4:00p-10:00p
Saturday 4:00p-10:00p Sunday 4:00p-9:00p
Closed on Mondays

  It's been over two years since the last time I wrote (old post can found here) about Alex DiPeppe's and thought it was long over due. A week ago my Grandma, we call her Meme, my Mom and my family spent the early evening at our favorite local Italian restaurant. It was our Christmas dinner and we had the whole place to ourselves. When you see Alex DiPeppe's from the outside it looks like a small run down restaurant. You walk inside and it is a small restaurant that has had the same decor for as long as I can remember. The same red and white checkered table cloths had been draped on the tables year after all these years. A familiar sight for anyone that has been there before. The smell from the kitchen hits you right away, again something any regular comes to expect. The quality of food that comes out of the kitchen remains the same as it always has since I was little. The nights dinner cost was not something I had to worry about but I can tell you the dinners run from $10 to $20 a plate.

  My daughter ordered pizza that night but she seemed more interested in talking then eating. She enjoyed a single piece of peperoni pizza. I have had this pizza before and the crust is cooked just right, crunchy outside and soft inside. The right amount of sauce ladled on the pizza with generous amounts of cheese and peperoni. It was good the next night when I had a cold slice. My son got the grilled chicken and pasta. The chicken was good and the pasta was al dente. A simple yet delicious sauce covered the pasta and chicken pile. My son even ate some of the mushrooms that were also included. He was either extremely hungry or he really liked the food. I think it was the food.

  My wife had the chicken alfredo. Man did this look good. It was cooked chicken and noodles covered in a white alfredo sauce. The alfredo sauce was creamy but not too rich. The chicken was plentiful, just enough to have a bite of chicken with every fork full of noodles. With some pepper this sauce was awesome and something I myself may have to order the next I am there.

   Every time I go to Alex DiPeppe's I always order the meat lasagna. This time I wanted to try something different. I saw the parmesan sample plate on the menu it came with eggplant, chicken and veal parmesan and a side of pasta. I wanted to order this but I had never had eggplant before so I wasn't sure if I should. In the end this was meal for the night. The eggplant was the first thing I tried. A deep fried piece of plant cover in meaty sauce and melted cheese. How could this be bad? It was not. This was really tasty and I was surprised how good it actually tasted. The chicken parmesan was nice sized piece of breaded white meat chicken. The breading was seasoned well and overall this was my favorite parmesan on the plate. The veal was thin and breaded with the same breading as the chicken. I thought the veal was a little over cooked but still yummy none the less. The veal was my least favorite thing on the plate. The pasta was covered in the house meat sauce and that was a winner for sure.

  Alex DiPeppe's is a restaurant that I would recommend to anyone in the area to go to or to anyone willing to drive the distance. I know if my mom says lets go to Alex DiPeppe's I will drive from Orange County in a heart beat. Alex DiPeppe's will not disappoint you. The food is made fresh every day and is cooked to order. This restaurant has been a family stop since I was child and is beginning to be a family stop for my own family. I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking for fresh Italian food with that homemade taste.
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