Saturday, December 18, 2010

This fox is delicious

The Snooty Fox
23028 Lake Forest Drive
Laguna Hills, CA 92653
Mon-Sun 7am to 3pm

  So I was trolling for suggestions on my Facebook fan page and my friend Niyaz from Fat Dude on a Diet suggested I go check out a place called The Snooty Fox. I typically do not get down that way unless I have a reason. My friend needed help moving and she happens to live down there so the family and I decided to stop at the The Snooty Fox before a day of heavy lifting and moving boxes. Boy was that the wrong choice, moving with a stomach full of breakfast goodness is the suck.

  When we got to The Snooty Fox there were people waiting outside to be seated. The restaurant had inside and outside seating but we wanted to wait for inside seating. While waiting I saw a lot of customers and waitresses address each other by name. This seemed like the kind of place that locals frequent often. Once seated my little one order mini pancakes, my son got the french toast, my wife got steak and eggs and I got a ham and cheese omelet. With drinks and tip this breakfast cost about $50.

  The kiddie pancakes were anything but kiddie sized. These things were the size of normal pancakes from other places. Her meal also came with eggs and bacon. She ate almost all of her pancakes except for the bits I stole. She even ate all of her eggs which is rare for her. This told me she enjoyed her meal. She said the eggs were good and that she loved the pancakes. The pancakes were light and airy and with a little syrup, they were good. When my son ordered the french toast they had two choices either deep fried or griddle top cooked. My son picked deep fried. The french toast was crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Almost reminded me of a deep fried cake. The son enjoyed his meal and ate all but one piece. That was my opportunity to grab a bite or two. I thought that it was a little greasy but still tasty.

  My wife had steak eggs with the steak cooked medium and the eggs over medium. She said the steak was over cooked and the eggs were under cooked and runny. The eggs did look a little under cooked to me but the steak looked fine. I had a bite of the steak and it was tender and tasted like a good piece of meat. My wife also got the "those potatoes" which are O'Brien potatoes. She said these were good and had just the right amount of peppers and onions. Not my cup of tea but they looked good.

  Ah, my good old stand by order, a ham and cheese omelet. I looked over the menu and almost ordered something else thinking to my self I should really try something different. I couldn't do it. When the waitress asked me what I wanted, ham and cheese omelet was what came out of my mouth. This has been my favorite breakfast for as long as I can remember and continues to be a way for me to measure a restaurant. When my plate was placed in front of me it looked awesome. What I found out is that the ham was cooked and piled on the plate. The three eggs were placed on top of the ham pile and then covered in cheese. This was hammy, eggy, cheesy yum on a plate. The hash browns were crunchy on outside and soft on the inside. The way hash browns should be made.

  The Sooty Fox is located in a strip mall and can not be seen from the street. However this is place that you should seek out for an excellent breakfast meal. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming and the food had that home cooked feeling to it. The Snooty Fox is a place I would recommend to anyone that is looking for breakfast that will leave you stuffed and satisfied. Give The Snooty Fox a try and I am sure you will be fan a like I am now. Thanks for the great tip Niyaz.

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Eric said...

Papa...........did you and your family walk into and then walk out of the new restaurant on Tustin Ave at 17th st. "Woody's on Saturday night?

PapaKaster said...

Eric we were there but they did not have the debit card system setup yet and I had no cash. So we had to leave. I had planned on doing my next review on Woodys but that will have to wait. I saw one family in the seating area, was that you?

Eric said...

Yep....that was my family.....funny....I recognized you from your blogger picture.....I would have introduced myself as one of your readers but, you were already out the door by the time I figured it out....

I will tell you this.....if your family are hungry eaters...take plenty if cash as their portions are small and their prices are large.....I told them they need to trim their prices or they will not be there long....people want value for their dollar......and there was very little value......

I look forward to your review on the actual food taste/quality.....

PapaKaster said...

Eric that's awesome that you were able to recognize me from the picture I have on here. Next time feel free to come up and say hi I don't bite and wife only does when asked. :)

Thanks for the tip. The menu looked liked it had a few things worth trying but with a family of four I need the most for my dollars.