Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cabo Loco Grill

Cabo Loco Grill
1419 N. Tustin Ave., Ste. A
Orange CA 92867
Monday - Saturday 7am to 9pm
Sunday 7:30am to 6pm

            In my almost twelve years of living in the city of Orange what is now the Cabo Loco Grill has been many other restaurants. I can even remember back when it was a Green Burrito. So honestly I never gave any thought to stepping foot into this place and giving it a try. A few weeks ago that changed when my wife and I met a few friends to go eat at the new Five Guys Burgers. The line for Five Guys was out the door and we did not have time to wait so the wife suggested we eat at Cabo Loco because it was just across the street. Pressed for time we all agreed and went to Cabo Loco. That night my entire opinion of this place changed the minute I ate the food. Fast forward a couple weeks and you are now reading about this incredible find.

            Yesterday I was sitting at work and craving Mexican food. I called the wife and asked if she and the kids wanted to go to Cabo Loco when I got home. Of course she said yes and it was set, dinner plans made. The rest of the day I thought back to when I first tried Cabo Loco and the steak fajitas that I got that night and how damn good that plate of food was. I could not wait to try Cabo Loco again in hopes that the second time would be as good as the first and I was not disappointed.

            The brood and I got there and gave our order to the guy behind the counter. The little one got five taquitos, my son got the three carne asada taco plate, wife got the chicken tostada, I got the one taco and two taquitos plate we also got a second carne asada taco and a green chili enchilada. For all the food the total bill was just about thirty-three dollars and to feed a family of four at a restaurant that was a great deal. I have spent way more money of food I did not enjoy as much. When we sat down the guy behind the counter brought a plate of nachos and said this was for us to have while we waited for our food. The nachos were cover in fresh beans, melted cheese, chopped onions, tomatoes and diced jalapeƱo peppers. A basic combination that was made awesome because the use of fresh made beans and crisp produce made these nachos a wonderful start to our meal.

            Then the food starting rolling out one dish at time, all brought to our table as soon as it was finished being made. My daughter got her plate first, then my son, then myself and then my wife. This happened within ten minutes of the nachos being placed on the table. Talk about fast service these guys know how to crank out the food. My plate had a single carnitas taco, two taquitos, beans and rice. I also got a carne asada taco on the side. Decisions, decisions where to start? I went for a taquito that was covered in guacamole on a small bed of fresh lettuce. This thing was crisp and loaded with chicken, the guac tasted like it was made that day and it was loaded with tomatoes and onions. Finished that tasty starter off and grabbed a hold of my carnitas taco and boy was I blown away. I love carnitas and get it all the time. I have had some really bad carnitas that has been dry and flavorless. This carnitas was the polar opposite, it was juicy and full of porky flavor goodness. That taco didn't stand a chance and was devoured in seconds. Then the second taquito met the same fate, a quick chomp and it was gone. All the time I was shoveling the Mexican rice and fresh bean in my mouth. I must have looked like someone who had not eaten in day or even weeks. The plate may have gotten swallowed too but it was too big to fit in my mouth, none the less it was clean as whistle when I was done. Then the carne asada taco caught my eye and I noticed there was a red sauce on the taco. I am not a fan of spicy food but decided to eat the taco as is so I could taste it as it was made. The carne asada was tender, flavorful and the red sauce had just the right amount heat. It was just enough to let you know there was spice but not so much that I could not enjoy my food.

            As for the rest of the family they all enjoyed their meals. My son who can be a picky eater finished all three tacos, which surprised me since there was red sauce on the taco and my son does not do spicy at all. He will not even eat Pace Picante mild salsa. My daughter munched on the nachos and finished three of the five taquitos. Her taquitos were also chicken. The wife finished off her tostada that reminded more of a taco salad that would see at a fast food place. She said the tostada was delicious and very filling, she also said the enchilada was a perfect green chili enchilada.

            What would I tell you to do? I would say if you are in the area of Cabo Loco Grill stop by and get some of the greatest Mexican food you can have. This is Mexican food that tastes like it was made in someone's home kitchen, not what I would expect from such a normal looking store front. I never would have guessed that Cabo Loco would have been such a great find but it will always be a place I recommend from now on. I can tell you this Cabo Loco is now in my rotation of restaurants to eat at on a regular basis. Go now! I mean it, walk out your door and drive over there. You will not regret it.

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Five Guys Burgers and Fries

Five Guys Burger and Fries
1549 E. Katella Ave Orange, CA 92867

                So last week the wife and I were getting ready to go see a friends' band play. The wife and I decided we wanted to eat dinner before the show so we call my friend to see if he wanted to join us. His girlfriend got in touch with us and said they were going to the 5Guys that just opened in Orange and asked if we wanted to meet them there. I said "Hell yes" since I had been hearing about how 5Guys is the In-N-Out of the East Coast. Well we go there and the line to order was out the door and the four agreed to eat somewhere else.
                That Monday my wife sends me a text message with the only word being "5Guys?". I send a text back to her saying "Hell yes", thinking to myself that I got to try this place. The hype surrounding 5Guys opening in Orange has been going on for months and since it finally open I wanted to try it ASAP. I have been reading articles in the Orange County Register and online about 5Guys and was about to the in In-N-Out killer for myself. My wife called and asked what I wanted, I told her I wanted double cheese burger with lettuce, tomato and grilled onions. I wanted a burger as close to the Double-Double animal style as possible. I also had her get me an order of fries.
                When my wife got home and placed the burger in front of me it was wrapped in aluminum foil and the fries where in what looked like a soda cup. The burger itself appeared to be handmade and the sloppy factor, which is good in my opinion is a good thing, was high. This burger was looking like it had a lot of promise to it. I then took my first bite of the burger and was a bit under whelmed by the taste. It was nothing special, no angles for the heavens singing hymns, no fireworks no nothing. Maybe due to all the hype I was expecting something special but that was not the case. The meat taste fresh, the lettuce was crisp and the tomatoes were juicy. As I continued to eat the burger the slop, again a good thing, came dripping out of the burger and falling on the foil wrapper. Now for the fries, they looked like a natural cut fry and still had the potato skins on. Picked up couple fries and shoved them in my pie hole like any red blooded fry eating man would do and they were okay. The fries were a little greasy, not very crisp and the taste was okay. Dipping the fries in my burger slop helped but still nothing out of the ordinary.
                My overall impression of 5Guys food was good, a well made burger and average fries. This is place I can see my eating at again. The burger was delicious but the fires I could do without. Is 5Guys an In-N-Out killer? I don't think so. Could I be bias because I have grown all my life with In-N-Out maybe but I don't think so. Not only do I eat to sustain myself but also to enjoy my food. I feel that In-N-Out is more enjoyable. Not only is the In-N-Out burger better tasting but the fries blow 5Guys fires out of the water. The prices at 5Guys were higher than In-N-Out also. Which is a down side to me since the budget is tight in my family and I want the best food I can get my dollar.

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