Sunday, January 2, 2011

Benjies is good deli food

1828 N. Tustin Ave. Santa Ana, CA

  The family wanted to go try this new place called Woody's but I guess we caught them before they were fully ready because the ATM service had not been installed yet. I didn't have any cash on me so we had to leave and find somewhere else to eat that night. Benjies is just down the street and it is a place I have liked going to since I was introduced to Benjies by my Dad and Stepmother.

  That night the family and I were seated right away by a friendly waitress and like always she gave us some the pickles that I absolutely love. No one else in the family loves pickles like I do, I could and did go through four dishes of pickles. I believe there are two kinds, a half sour and full sour. Honestly I am not sure but I do know they make the pickles there and they are unbelievably good.

  My daughter got fish and chips. She liked the fish and of course ate almost all of her fries before she even touched the fish. The fish looked good but I did not try any. She did tell me that the fish was good but too hot to eat right away. My son got the tuna melt. This looked like a classic tuna melt, loaded with tuna fish and grilled crisp. My son said the tune fish was good but not as good as his mother's tuna fish.

  My wife ordered the grilled hamburger steak. This hamburger steak was covered in grilled onions. My wife said the steak was good but too rich because of the butter that covered the grilled onions. I did have a bite of this hamburger steak and the flavor reminded of a well made hamburger. It had a bit seasoning but not enough to over power the natural flavor of the beef and onions. I too felt it was a tad bit too rich with all the butter from the grilled onions. My wife said the rest of her meal was good.

  I was in the mood for a deli style sandwich that night and decided on the pastrami and corned beef with swiss cheese. Normally it comes with a thousand island type dressing but I got mine dry. The pastrami was peppery and fatty but not too much fat. All good pastrami should have some fat in it, that's my opinion at least. The corned beef was tender and flavorful. Both types of meat were piled high on this sandwich. I wasn't sure where to start but trust me I managed to eat the whole thing. The french fries we all got reminded me of something someone could buy at the local grocery store. But that didn't matter to me because they were fried to that perfect golden crispy goodness. With drinks and tip the entire meal came to about $60 but that also included one of their fresh made daily eclairs that we took home for dessert. Unfortunately I did not take a picture but let me tell you is was huge, covered in chocolate and had a creamy center. The pastry it self was fluffy and flaky.

  My over all thoughts about Benjies is that this restaurant serves good food. This is not food that is going to blow your mind but it is food I would recommend to any of my friends. The prices may be on the high side but the portion sizes make up for the cost. You will walk out of Benjies full to the brim. If you have not taken the time to try Benjies I would recommend you get there and give this good deli food a taste test.
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