Sunday, January 30, 2011

DeSimone Deli in Orange

Deli and Bakery in Orange
2279 North Tustin Street
Mon. thru Fri. 10-6
Sat. 10-3

  I have been looking for a deli sandwich in my area for a while. I have seen this large sign outside of deli in Orange that claims they have the best Cuban sandwich in Orange County. I love a good Cuban but had never taken the time to stop and try until this weekend. The family and I made it a point to stop at DeSimone Deli and Bakery in Orange for lunch. DeSimone is inside a strip mall across the street from The Orange Village and it may be a little to hard find but is well worth the effort.

  When you first walk in DeSione you see a small deli counter and couple tables with chairs. The people behind that counter welcomed us and were extremely nice. My whole reason for being there was the Cuban so when asked what I wanted I ordered a sixteen inch Cuban. My wife ordered an eight inch American sub, my son ordered an eight inch meatball sandwich, and my daughter got a small ham and cheese. We also got one large and one small drink and three bags of chips. This entire order cost me about $40 but my Cuban was almost $13 alone. Also if you choose to eat there you get a small plate and access to free potato salad and macaroni salad.

  My daughter's ham and cheese had a fair amount of ham and thick slices of American cheese. She was being a bit finicky but did eat half a sandwich. I think she was more interested in eating her chips then the sandwich. My son's meatball sandwich was loaded with large meatballs covered in marinara sauce then covered in provolone. I was able to try a piece of meatball and sauce, and just the bite I had was good. The meatball was moist and not over cooked. The marina sauce was thick and spiced perfectly.

  My wife's American sub was stacked with ham, turkey, cotto salami and American cheese. The meat was plentiful, thick slices of cheese and fresh veggies. My wife said the bread was tough but the meat was fresh and the veggies were crisp. She said the bread was like Fort Knox trying to keep her from the inside of the sandwich. This sandwich looked awesome but I did not try it myself. My wife said if the bread was bit softer that this would have made the sandwich that much better.

  The real reason for my visit was the Cuban sandwich. I love this type of sandwich and have not found a really good Cuban to date. However DeSimone has become my new go to Deli to get a kick ass Cuban. This Cuban was loaded with sliced pork that had a great taste. The ham in this Cuban was the perfect bit of salty. The swiss cheese added a creamy feel that was just perfect with the sour pickles and tart mustard. The whole sandwich was pressed and warmed just enough to make the whole sandwich one complete taste experience. I got the eighteen inch sandwich which was sliced into four pieces. I was able to eat three slices and had the fourth later. Even the leftover Cuban reheated and was just as good.

  If you are looking for a good Deli sandwich then I would suggest giving DeSimone Deli and Bakery in Orange a try. The sandwiches were huge, the quality was good and the prices were fair. Make sure you are really hungry, want left overs or plan to share before you order an eighteen inch sandwich. The people running DeSimone were super nice and helpful. If you live anywhere near DeSimone take an afternoon to drive over there and get yourself a excellent deli sandwich.

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