Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Disneyland treat at Cafe Orleans

Disneyland Resort Anaheim, CA

  The family and I made our way to Disneyland last week. We recently got a new set of annual passes for the family so Disneyland has become a weekend getaway for us. We can spend a few hours there and go home without feeling like we have wasted our money. On this day we decided to treat our selves with a special dinner. A Monte Cristo sandwich from Cafe Orleans. At one time you could only get this sandwich at the Blue Bayou restaurant during the lunch menu times. Good luck getting a table at the Blue Bayou on the same day you visit the park. Thankfully Disneyland realized how popular the Monte Cristo was and added it the Cafe Orleans menu.

  That night the family and I order a bowl of french onion soup and the garlic and parmesan pommes frites to start the meal. The french onion soup is loaded with caramelized onions drowning in a delicious beef broth. The soup is capped with a piece of crusty bread and melted gruyere cheese. The first spoon full of this soup is the best bite. I make sure I get some bread, cheese and plenty of onions. The broth is beefy but not too salty. The onions are soft and sweet. The cheese is gooey, melted goodness. One of the best bowls of french onion soup I have had.

  The pommes frites are just french fries with a fancy name but they are covered in garlic, parmesan cheese and fresh parsley. They are served with a cajun spice remoulade. These fries are cooked so they have a cripsy outside and a soft inside. Then they are covered in freshly minced garlic, grated parmesan and chopped parsley. By themselves these fries are wonderful but dipped in the remoulade they are amazing. The amount of fresh garlic on these fries would scare any vampire away so make sure you enjoy that much before you order them.

  The real treat at Cafe Orleans is the Monte Cristo sandwich. The sandwich is a bit expensive at almost sixteen dollars but for a once in a great while treat it is worth every penny. This sandwich is loaded with thinly sliced turkey, ham and swiss cheese. Then covered in a light batter and deep fried. Once cooked to a golden brown color the sandwich is plated and dusted with powered sugar. It is severed with a side of berry puree. I know it sounds like a sandwich no one in their right mind would order but trust me this sandwich will blow you away. The sandwich is warm when it arrives at the table and it must be eaten with the berry puree. The batter is crispy, the bread is soft, the swiss is melted and the meat is warm. Almost like a grilled meat and cheese sandwich but a thousand times better. The ham and swiss add a saltyness to the sandwich that counters the sweet batter. The berry puree adds a bit of sour that makes each bite of sandwich a mouthful of deliciousness. It is hard for me to explain this sandwich because of how unique the sandwich really is.

  Three Monte Cristo sandwiches and a child mac and cheese with drinks and tip set us back about $85 dollars. Like I said this is an expensive meal but for a family treat I am willing to pay the price. To date this is the best Monte Cristo sandwich I have had and trust me I have been looking. If you happen to be visiting Disneyland and have the budget then make sure to stop by Cafe Orleans and get yourself a Monte Cristo.
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