Saturday, January 22, 2011

Is The Hat world famous pastrami?

World Famous Pastrami
Temple City, CA

  The family packed up on a Saturday morning to drive to my Mom's house so we could help move some stuff in the garage. This was a planned trip and for helping out with the garage my Mom offered to take us out to lunch at The Hat. I'm sure some of you that read this blog have been to The Hat in the past and you know how good the pastrami is but there may be a few that have not taken the time to stop in and try it out.

  The menu at The Hat has many different items but for me there is only one reason to go to The Hat and that is the pastrami dip sandwich. I ordered mine with extra mustard and extra pickles, my Mom order the same sandwich. My wife got a steak sandwich and she added cheese, my son got a pastrami plain, my daughter got a junior cheese burger. We also got one order of wet fries, one small order of fries and two drinks. This whole meal was about $45.

  My daughters junior cheese burger was not impressive looking at all. It looked like a thin patty with a slice of cheese that was slapped between a bun then pressed closed. It really didn't matter to her because she gobbled down that burger without saying a word. She then proceeded to munch down some of the fries her and my son split. This was my sons first time eating pastrami and he really enjoyed his sandwich. He was trying to tell me how good it was but his mouth was stuffed with pastrami the whole time. He managed to get half a sandwich down and then tapped out. Didn't take a picture of my sons sandwich since it basically looked like mine.

  When I open the steak sandwich my wife ordered, so I could take a picture it looked like a thin piece of meat that was over cooked, that they loaded with way too much cheese. My wife said the sandwich was good but The Hat is not her favorite place to eat because she does not like pastrami. I thought the sandwich could have had way less cheese and way more meat.

  I don't go to The Hat for anything but pastrami. I can get a better hamburger at other places and I can definitely get a better steak sandwich some where else. The reason any meat eating person would go to The Hat is for a pastrami sandwich. When they make the sandwich the bread is first dipped in a au jus. Then they cover the roll in yellow mustard and load it with pickles. Then they take thongs full of pastrami and mound it on the roll. The pastrami is thinly sliced and juicy. The pastrami is not too fatty and has a nice peppery bite to it. The yellow mustard and pickles help to cut through the richness from the fat. Every bite ends with some pastrami falling to the table so make sure to grab a fork so you can get the scraps. I wouldn't dare throw any of this pastrami away.

  You may be asking yourself," what are wet fries?" Well, they take a pile of perfectly cooked french fries and place them in large tray. Then take a couple ladles full of brown gravy and cover the fries. This combination reminds me of mashed potatoes and gravy with some crispy bits mixed in. The mountain of wet fries could be a meal on it own so it may be a good idea to share an order.

  The other items we got at the The Hat fell flat but the pastrami shined like always. The wet fries are another item that never disappoints. If you prefer chili cheese fries then make sure to order them instead of wet fries. You can also get the chili cheese with pastrami on top. Can you say heart attack in a tray? If you want a burger or regular sandwich I would say go somewhere else. However if you want a pastrami sandwich that has few equals The Hat is a must.

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