Saturday, January 15, 2011

Woody's in Santa Ana

Beach Club and Grill
1808 Tustin Avenue
Santa Ana, CA

  Woody's is a new restaurant that just opened a couple weeks ago right down the street from my place. The first time the family and I tried to go there the ATM was not setup so we had to leave. This time the ATM was working so the family and I decided to give Woody's a try. When we first walked in we were greeted by a nice man asking if we had been there before and he also told us what was the best selling item of the day was. The other people behind the counter were also super nice and extremely helpful. The menu at Woody's was a mix of beach themed items with a few "Mexican" food items mixed in. Kinda like beach-mex like Rubuio's. My daughter ordered a hot dog with fries, my son got the fish sandwich, my wife got the taco salad and chips with salsa, I got the chicken sandwich and chili fries with cheese. With drinks this whole meal cost me about $30. Everything at Woody's was severed al a carte so if you wanted fries they had to be ordered on the side.

  We were given a number and found a place to sit. The food was brought to our table by the staff which proceed to ask us if we needed anything about three times. Not a bad thing at all but considering we were only one of three tables filled at the time they probably needed something to do. My daughter got her hot dog and it looked like an all beef hot dog that was cooked on a flat top griddle. It was served plain, she later added ketchup to it, with small hand full of fries. She did eat the hot dog without any fuss but it was just a hot dog, nothing special. My son got his fish sandwich and from what I could see the fish looked to be deep fried and greasy. It also looked like it was swimming in mayonnaise. My son said his sandwich was okay. He was not impressed and said he has had better fish sandwiches in the past.

  My wife ordered a taco salad with chicken and an order of chips and salsa. The taco salad looked like a handful of ice burg lettuce thrown in a shell. That was sprinkled with black beans, cheese and small scoop of guacamole with some cooked chicken pieces. The chips looked like they were just cooked when we placed the order. My wife said the taco salad was horrible. The tiny amount of beans and guacamole made this taco salad a bowl of lettuce and chicken with ranch dressing and cheese. The chips were super greasy and not cooked all the way. The chips left a pool of cooking grease on the plate. Instead of being crisp they were chewy. The salsa was good but that was about it.

  My chicken looked like griddle cooked chicken that was chopped up and placed on a hoagie roll with mayonnaise, tomatoes, cheese and lettuce. I thought the hoagie roll was a bit tough to bite through. The chicken had no flavor to it other then chicken. There was no seasoning on the chicken that I could taste. The shredded lettuce dominated this sandwich, I had to take some off to get a good picture. This sandwich was okay. It wasn't so bad that I could not finish the sandwich but it was nothing that I could not have made myself at home. The chili cheese fries looked promising but I was again left with disappointment after eating these fries. The chili was heavy in the tomato department which made me think it was more of spaghetti sauce with some kidney beans thrown in it. Either the sauce or the fries were too greasy because I was also left with a plate of cooking grease when I was finished.

  The prices of the food were reasonable but the quality of the food was nothing special. The way too greasy chips and french fries were a big turn off. I am guessing they did not have the cooking oil hot enough or simply did not let the oil drain after cooking. An easy thing to be corrected that would have made things a bit better. The service at Woody's was super nice and helpful but unfortunately that did not make up for the food. Overall my impression of Woody's was not good. The food was mediocre at best and something I would not recommend. Maybe because this is a new restaurant they have not quite fell into the groove yet but not sure I am willing to give Woody's a second try.

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