Sunday, February 13, 2011

Is Famous Dave's BBQ really famous?

BBQ Shack
2214 North Tustin St., Ste. B
Orange, CA 92865

  My wife has been telling me about Famous Dave's BBQ for a few weeks now and I have not been to keen on the idea. The last BBQ joint my wife recommended was awful and expensive. We were headed to Orange that night anyway so I thought we might as well check it out. When we first walked into Famous Dave's I could smell the smoke from the smokers, it's such an awesome smell. The first thing you do is place your order, then grab a pig marker with a number on it and have a seat. When the food is ready it is brought to your table. Each table has its own roll of paper towels and set of BBQ sauces. My daughter ordered the kids cheese burger, my son got the BBQ chicken sandwich, my wife and I both got a two item combo. With drinks this whole meal was about $49.

  The kids cheeseburger my daughter ordered did not last long. She keep saying how delicious the burger was. It did look like a good burger. The melted cheese covered the patty. It was served plain since it was a kids burger. The fries that came with the burger were good, crisp on the outside a soft on the inside. My son's BBQ chicken sandwich was loaded with hand-pulled chicken that was coated with BBQ sauce and covered in melted jack cheese. I had try this sandwich for myself. The chicken was juicy and the BBQ sauce was just right, not so much that all you could taste was sauce. This sandwich is something I will have to order myself sometime.

  My wife got rib tips and BBQ chicken for her two items. She picked BBQ beans for her side. The meal comes with corn on the cob and corn bread. My wife started with the rib tips and her fingers were quickly covered in BBQ sauce. She said the rib tips were amazingly good. My wife then tried the chicken and said the chicken had a nice spice rub and the BBQ sauce was really good. She kept telling me "I told you so".

  My two items were rib tips and chopped pork. I too got BBQ beans along with corn on the cob and corn bread. I started with my rib tips. I have never had rib tips before but have heard about them from watching a lot of Food Network. These rib tips were smokey and full of flavor from the spice rub. Each rib tip had a good amount of meat that I was able to eat. I could pull some meat off the rib tips and see the smoke ring that was created during the cooking process. I then thought to try the BBQ beans. These beans had bits of bacon and pulled meat in the sauce. The BBQ flavor of these beans was off the hook good. The pulled pork was served on a piece of toasted bread and covered in BBQ sauce. The pork was tender and moist. The smoke from the pork was just the right amount and the BBQ sauce was not so overpowering that you could not taste the pork. The corn bread had crisp top with a nice honey coating.

  Famous Dave's BBQ Shack exceeded my expectations. I walked in not expecting much but walked out stuffed and jonesing for more. The quality of the food was excellent and the service was super nice. I felt the price was average for BBQ but the flavor was the best out of any BBQ joint I have been to so far. If you are craving some good BBQ then take the trip to Famous Dave's and you will not be disappointed.
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