Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tom's Place is good quick grub

Tom's Place
221 W. Orangethorpe
Placentia, CA 92870

  So the family and I found ourselves in Placentia over the weekend and we drove by a restaurant called Tom's Place. I have eaten at Tom's Place many times in the past but had not been there in years. My son said lets stop, my wife agreed so we did. The menu at Tom's Place covered breakfast, lunch and dinner with a wide range of food to choose from. My daughter ordered the pancake plate, my son ordered the fish sandwich, my wife got a bacon cheese burger and I got a chicken breast sandwich. The sandwich and burger came in a combo with drinks and fries but I substituted fried zucchini. I ordered my daughter a drink for her and with all this the meal was $32.

  My daughter said the pancakes were good and the eggs were yummy. She ate most of her plate but I had to help her out. The pancakes were firm on the outside and cake like on the inside. They were good and what I look for in a good pancake. My son's sandwich was two pieces of fried cod on a bed of lettuce with a couple slices of tomato. The sandwich looked good and my son said it was average, nothing special.

  My wife's bacon cheese burger was totally loaded with bacon. In fact when she took her first bite I could hear the crunch of the crispy bacon. She said the burger was really good. The bun was soft and the meat was good. I did not try any of the burger so I will take her word for it.

  My chicken sandwich appeared to be a large chicken breast that was butterflied and then cut in half. The chicken was thin but cooked well and had a nice seasoning to it. However the sandwich was mostly lettuce with a couple tomatoes and the thin chicken breast. It was good but nothing I would recommend. The fried zucchini however were really good. They had a crispy coating yet the zucchini was still firm., not soggy at all like some fried zucchini can get. The fried zucchini was probably the best thing I had on the table.

  My overall impression of Tom's Place is that the food is good and fresh but nothing you can't get at any local burger joint. If you happen to be in Placentia and need some good food, quick then stop by Tom's Place but don't go out of your way.
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