Saturday, February 26, 2011

Troy's Burgers in Orange

Troy's Burgers
404 E. Lincoln Ave
Orange, CA 92865

  When I crave a breakfast burrito there is only one place to go and that's Troy's Burgers in Orange. I have been going to Troy's ever since I discovered the place many years ago. It's one of those hole in wall joints that you might pass by but the breakfast burritos are worth stopping by and giving Troy's a try. I woke early on a Saturday morning and made the trek over there to grab some burritos for the family. I ordered three burritos and one breakfast sandwich. The meal was 23 bucks even.

  I order a bacon and egg sandwich for my daughter because I was afraid she would not eat the burrito. The sandwich was a perfect choice for her because she simply took it apart and ate the bacon, eggs and toast separately. She gobbled down what she could and she said it was good and filling.

  The breakfast burrito at Troy's Burger is loaded with hash browns, eggs, cheese, salsa and your choice of bacon, sausage, ham or any combination of the three. I ordered ours with bacon and ham, no salsa. The hash browns are cooked with a crispy outside and soft potato inside. The three eggs are scrambled and layered on top of the potatoes, the bacon, ham and cheese are placed in the center and the whole thing is rolled up in the tortilla. The whole burrito is one giant rolled up breakfast plate of deliciousness.
  I honestly have not been to Troy's Burgers for anything but the breakfast burritos, but I can tell you if you enjoy breakfast burritos then Troy's is a must try stop. I am always willing to wake up early and make a trip to Troy's if it means I will soon be enjoying one of these yummy breakfast burritos!
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