Saturday, March 26, 2011

Blake's Place BBQ in Anaheim

Blake's Place BBQ Cafe and Catering
2905 East Miraloma Ave
Anaheim, CA 92806

  A family dinner is always a good thing and a family dinner at Blake's Place BBQ Cafe is an even better thing. I can remember when I used to work for my Dad delivering print jobs I would always drive by Blake's Place and wonder how the food was, last week I finally got the chance to try it out. My daughter ordered the macaroni and cheese kids meal, my son ordered beef ribs and pulled chicken, my wife ordered baby back ribs and chopped beef brisket, I order smoked sausage, pulled pork and beef brisket. With drinks, the meal was about $50.

  My daughter liked the mac and cheese because it was "super cheesy", her words. She also devoured her french fries, this girl loves her french fries. My son said the beef ribs were good and he liked the BBQ sauce used on them. He also said the mac and cheese was really good and that he liked the pulled chicken.

  My wife said her ribs were tender and pulled off the bone easily. She said the flavor was good and the BBQ sauce was also good. She said the chopped brisket was tasty but a little dry. She also said the BBQ baked beans were delicious. Overall she said she enjoyed her plate of food.

  I dove into this plate of food so fast I almost forgot to take a picture. I started with the side items first. The mac and cheese was super cheesy and pulled strings of cheese when you lifted your fork out of it. The cheese seemed to be a mix which made it really good. The BBQ beans were full of BBQ flavor and bits of pulled meat. Next I went after the smoke sausage which reminded me of a kielbasa sausage that was smoked. The sausage was good and full of smoke flavor. The brisket was my next target and it was juicy and had a good smoke to it but, it was a bit chewy. It needed more BBQ sauce on it when served and I was too lazy to get up and get some from a different table. The pulled pork was also full of that smokey goodness but a bit dry. It too needed to be served with more BBQ sauce. The pork was tender and the flavor was really good overall.

  I enjoyed my meal and Blake's Place but in my opinion the BBQ sauce was a bit too sweet. I enjoy a little bit of a kick to my BBQ sauce and all the sauce served on the meat was sweet. It might partially be my fault for not getting a different BBQ sauce but I like to try food the way it is served to me. Don't get me wrong Blake's Place is good food and I would recommend anyone go there but for me I like my BBQ a bit more on the spicy side.
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