Sunday, March 6, 2011

Philippe's The Original home of the french dip

1001 N. Alameda Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

  When in Los Angeles there is one place I must always stop to get a bite to eat and that is Philippe's The Original. In fact I will eat small meals during the day to ensure I have plenty of room to enjoy a couple sandwiches from Philippe's. This is the place where the french dip sandwich was originated and it is still done very well to this day. The floors are covered in saw dust, the seating is first come first seat and the menu is simple. I was at Philippe's with my buddy and together we ordered two beef dips, one pork dip, one pickle and four lemonades. The entire meal was about $23.

  The beef dip sandwich has got to be my favorite of all the sandwiches that are served at Philippe's. The beef is slow cooked until tender and then thinly sliced. Those slices are then piled on the crusty french roll that was first dipped in the beef au jus. The beef is seasoned enough to add flavor but not so much that you still can not taste the meat it self. The beef is not fatty but still full of flavor. The french roll has a thin crisp layer on the outside and the inside is soaked in the beef juice but not so much that the bread falls apart. With each bite of the sandwich you get the a bit of juice from the roll which adds a nice of moisture. This sandwich is amazing.

  Next was my half of the pork dip sandwich. This sandwich is just as good as the beef dip. The pork is slow cooked, thinly sliced and loaded on the roll. The pork is seasoned just right to bring on the natural flavor of the meat. The pork is a bit more tender then the beef and a little more fatty. It adds that taste of fat to the sandwich that makes it richer in flavor then the beef. Again the roll is dipped in the pork au jus which then adds the perfect amount of moisture to each bite. This sandwich is awesome in it own right.

  If you happen to be anywhere near Union Station or Olvera Street make sure to make a trip to Philippe's. Heck this place deserves a trip to LA just to enjoy these sandwiches. Philippe's is a must stop for anyone in LA or OC area as it is a legend in the food world and delivers a sandwich that you will never forget and crave for all time!
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