Sunday, April 3, 2011

Johnie's Jr. Burgers in Orange

Johnie's Jr. Burgers
1062 N. Tustin Ave.
Orange, CA

  Breakfast for dinner? Sure! I love breakfast and really love breakfast for dinner. Johnie's Jr. Burgers in Orange is the type of place that allows you to have breakfast for dinner. They also serve dinner plates, burgers, sandwiches and just about thing else you may be craving. Johnie's Jr. Burgers is the kind of local burger joint that I personally really like because of the variety of food, in expensive cost and great taste. My little one ordered the two pancakes meal deal, my son the french toast, my wife got a carne asada burrito and a ground beef taco and I got a ham and cheese omelet. With drinks this meal cost about $30.

  The pancake meal comes with two pancakes, two eggs and two bacon or sausage. This is her standard meal at Johnie's Jr. She loves pancakes, loves bacon and sausage and kind of likes eggs. The first thing she chowed down was her bacon, then a mix of pancakes and eggs then she finished with the sausage. No complaints from her. My son knows about this blog so when I ask about his food he gives his opinion about the food. He said the eggs were really good and the french toast was delicious.

  My wife said she was in the mood for Mexican and Johnie's Jr. Burgers delivered well enough to curb her jones. The burrito was loaded with carne asada, beans and cheese with her added sour cream, guacamole and diced tomatoes. It looked like a good burrito and my wife did say that it was good. She did say the ground beef in the taco was a bit dry but that it was still tasty.

  In my opinion there is nothing better for breakfast or dinner then a good ham and cheese omelet and Johnie's Jr Burgers delivers. The omelet looks small on the plate but it is fluffy and loaded with chunks of diced ham. The omelet was thick and much more filling then it looks. The only cheese is the two slices on top but that is just enough cheese for the omelet. The hash browns on this plate were awesome. They had a crisp outside and a soft inside. An omelet that anyone would enjoy paired with perfectly cooked hash browns equals a meal that makes me happy.

  I don't need fancy meals to make me happy. If the food is good, my family is full and my bank account is not drained then I call it good. Johnie's Jr Burgers delivers on all three ideas with the addition of quality food. I think the food here is better then good, and definitely a place I would recommend anyone give a chance.
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