Saturday, April 30, 2011

OC Fish and Chips

2094 N. Tustin Ave
Orange, CA 92865

  I have been looking for a good fish and chips place that is local for a long time. Recently my wife told me about this place that just opened up called OC Fish and Chips. She had told me that a few people at her work said the place was good and possibly better then H-Salt. I love me some H-Salt so I was game to try OC Fish and Chips and see if this was possible.

  When you walk in there is a large screen TV and some couches which made me do a double take and make sure I was in the right place. A there are a few tables against the wall and then the menu is on framed black boards nailed to the wall. It took the family a few minutes to look over the menu and decide what we wanted but we finally made our choices and ordered. My daughter got the fish kids meal which is five fish nuggets with fries (chips), my wife got a combo which was two fish and two shrimp with fries (chips). My son and I got the same combo which was two chicken and two fish, he got onion rings and I got fries(chips). I also ordered a side of hush puppies and drinks for all. The meal was about $33.

  Like always my daughter started on the fries and eventually got to the fish nuggets. The fish nuggets looked like fish that was simply cut into small pieces. I was surprised that she did finish all the fish. My son started with the chicken and said it was good. He said the fish was better then the chicken and he said the onion rings where good too. Sometimes it's hard to get the information out of my kids that helps me write this and good is the only word they use. Oh well.

  My wife said her meal was good and she thought the shrimp was excellent. She said the fish seemed like it was freshly cut from a filet then dipped in the batter and cooked. She said the shrimp were huge and cooked perfectly. She said she enjoyed the overall meal.

  When I got the tray of food and looked at my basket I couldn't figure out which was chicken and which was fish. I figured it by grabbing the chicken because it was firmer. The chicken looked like a chicken breast tender that was dipped in the same batter used for the fish. The batter was lite and crispy and the chicken was juicy. The problem is there was no real flavor to the chicken. They should add something to chicken batter to make it more flavorful. It was just chicken and batter with ketchup I used for dipping. I grabbed a couple fries in between bites of chicken. The fires are steak cut style and they were crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. However some of them, toward the bottom, were soggy. Next up was the fish and the first thing I noticed was how oily it was on the bottom. The fish was good by it self and better when dipped in the tater sauce. It was not fishy at all and a sprinkle of salt really helped. The batter on the fish was golden brown and delicious while the fish was flaky and tender. The hush puppies had a crunchy outside and fluffy inside. They had a bit spice to them but they were dry and needed some kind of dipping sauce with them.

  Did OC Fish and Chips beat H-Salt? Not in my opinion. The food was a bit too greasy for my liking. I think that the oil was not hot enough or they did not let the fish and chicken drain enough before placing it in the basket. While the fish was good, the chicken was moist and the hush puppies were tasty it all needed something. Some kind of seasoning on the fish and chicken would have helped a lot and added well needed flavor. Even something as simple as salt would have helped. I was not disappointed in the meal but did feel there were a few simple things that could have been done to make it better. My hope is since the place just opened that they will fall into their groove and it will improve.

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