Friday, April 15, 2011

Old Town Mexican Cafe in San Diego

2489 San Diego Ave
San Diego, CA 92110

  The family got away for a weekend, a rare treat that had us spending our time in San Diego. We had great fun at Sea World the whole weekend but took time out Saturday night to eat dinner with friends from the area. They suggested Old Town Mexican Cafe, we agreed and met them there. This place was packed but we got seated right away which I think was complete luck.

   My daughter ordered the kids cheese quesadilla, my son got the beef and bean burrito, my wife the fajita plate and I got carnitas. I love carnitas and couldn't pass up the chance to try these based on the menu stating they were the house specialty. I also ordered a side of potato taquitos. With drink this whole meal cost us about $50.

  Like usual my daughter devoured the cheese quesadilla but refused to touch the rice or beans. My son dove right into his burrito and said the meat was good. He also said the rest of the burrito's filling was also good. It did not take him long to inhale his meal.

  My wife couldn't decide what she wanted and was going back and forth between the fajitas plate and chicken enchiladas but finally went with the fajitas plate. She said the fajitas were nothing special, nothing she could not have gotten at any local Mexican restaurant by home. She said they were tasty and good but nothing extraordinary.

  As for me I started with the carnitas which came with home made, fresh flour tortillas. The carnitas was shredded then placed on a flat top to make it crisp on the outside. The flavor was good but same as my wife, nothing special. The flour tortillas were awesome. I don't think I have ever had them this fresh before and they were fantastic. The potato taquitos were by far the best thing I ate that night. The crunch of the fried shell with the soft mashed potatoes was great. All the fixings piled on top made each mouth full a wonderful combinations of flavors. A bit spicy from the guacamole sauce, freshness from the lettuce and a bit of sweet from the diced tomatoes.

  Old Town Mexican Cafe was good food and I would say go check it out if you are in the neighborhood there is no need to search for the place. My bet is there are just as many good tasting Mexican restaurants within blocks of this place. Everyone at our table did enjoy the meal and there were no complaints about the food. I am just guessing that any number of restaurants in area would serve the same quality of food.
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