Sunday, May 22, 2011

Yang Ming Garden

Yang Ming Garden
1866 North Tustin Street
Orange, CA 92865

  I have been hearing about Yang Ming Garden in Orange, CA for a long time now. I finally took the time to stop in and give this place a try. Walking into Yang Ming the family was greeted by a friendly staff member and immediately seated. The waitress promptly brought out deep fried won-ton wrappers with a sweet dipping sauce. The whole family munched on these while looking over the menu and deciding what to have for dinner. My wife, son and I all decided on the meal which included soup, appetizers, a main dish and a small dessert. My wife ordered beef and broccoli, my son sizzling beef and I got orange chicken for our main dishes. My daughter got a teriyaki chicken dish al-acarte. The entire dinner with drinks ran me $85.

  The dinner started with a large bowl of war won-ton soup that was split four ways. The waitress was very careful to make sure that each bowl contained a bit of each component of the soup. The soup was loaded with veggies and all the typically offerings in war won-ton soup. The shrimp were cooked perfectly. The veggies were cooked but still crisp. The won-ton filling was really good. These were brought together in a flavorful broth.

  After enjoying this soup I dove into the appetizers and totally forgot to take a picture. So if you can imagine paper wrapped chicken, a spring roll and a beef skewer on a plate. The beef skewer was good and the spring roll too, but the paper wrapped chicken was awesome. I could have eaten all three plates that were brought to the table but I had to share.

  Being the type of restaurant that Yang Ming's is all the food is served family style and we all got to have a little bit of each. The teriyaki chicken was not what I think of when I think teriyaki chicken. It was not sweet at all, but more savory. For me good teriyaki chicken is always a bit sweet. This is not to say it was bad, in fact just the opposite, it was very good. Thinly sliced chicken breast covered in Yang Ming's version of teriyaki sauce and then sprinkled with sesame seeds.

  The sizzling beef was served like a fajitas at a Mexican restaurant. The plate was screaming hot and when the waitress slid the beef and veggies on to it the sizzling was loud and steam rose every where. The beef it self was tender, the veggies were tasty and the sauce was delicous. It's hard for me to describe the flavor but it was good. It almost reminded of a beef stew kind of taste.

  The beef and broccoli also had nice, tender beef slices. The broccoli was fresh and crisp, and cooked just enough. The beefy broccoli is my favorite way to eat broccoli. The sauce was good but nothing that made me think this dish was special. It just reminded of your average plate of beef and broccoli. I have definitely had better.

  The orange chicken was some damn good food. They offer you the option of going spicy or not and we chose the non-spicy route. The still crisp pieces of chicken were covered in an orange peel laced red sauce. The sauce was full of orange flavor. The spoon was stringing with gooey sauce as you served it up. A sweet plate of chicken. This was by far the best dish of food I had that night. I would recommend at least one person in your party order the orange chicken.

  Dessert was simple, your choice of ice cream or almond cookies. The family all got almond cookies. Overall my experience at Yang Ming Restaurant was good however I was not extremely impressed. There was nothing wrong with the food but it was not the kind of food that made me think "Oh my God I have to tell people about this place." I have had much better Chinese food for less money so Yang Ming's kind of left me disappointed in that respect. This is place I can say has good food but nothing you haven't had before.
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