Saturday, June 18, 2011

Los Cobos and the Burrito Gigante

843 North Tustin Street
Orange, CA 92867

  About a month or two ago my wife took the family to Los Cobos Mexican Restaurant and I was going to write about the food. However my camera was not charged and I was unable to get any pictures that trip. With my camera charged we headed back Los Cobos for a second visit. This is a nice little Mexican restaurant with friendly staff, fast service and good food. My daughter ordered a chicken quesadilla with grilled chicken and fries, my son ordered a grilled chicken burrito, my wife got a three item combo, she picked two chicken enchiladas and a potato taco. Lastly I ordered the burrito gigante and a potato taco on the side. With drinks for all the entire meal was about $47.

  My daughter said the quesadilla was good, it was loaded with large pieces of grilled chicken. The fries were limp but that did not matter to her. She manged to munch half the quesadilla and most of her fries. Must have been decent for her to eat half of the quesadilla without much fuss. My son seemed to enjoy his burrito because he was too busy stuffing his face to say anything. The burrito was filled with beans, cheese and grilled chicken then wrapped in a large flour tortilla.

  My wife's three item combination plate also came with re-fried beans and rice. She had the chicken enchiladas with green sauce instead of red sauce. I should've grabbed a bite of these because they looked great. My wife did say they were good and green sauce was tasty. She said there were a few too many jalapenos for her liking but that did not stop  her from finishing both. The crunch from the shell of her taco could be heard across the table.

  I decided to start my meal off with the potato taco. It is hard to find good potato tacos, not many Mexican restaurants even make them and the ones that do don't make them well. The potato taco at Los Cobos was awesome. The shell is super crispy, the potato filling is soft and fluffy and the rest of toppings fresh. This is a must order item when visiting Los Cobos.

  Next for me was the burrito gigante and I got mine with carnitas. This burrito starts with two large flour tortillas and is loaded with meat, cheese, beans, rice, lettuce, guacamole and pico de gallo. Then it's all rolled up, placed on plate and covered in a ranchero sauce and more cheese. The waitress told me the burrito gigante weighs in at about five pounds. This is not just a gigantic burrito but also a delicious challenge. The carnitas were moist but not fatty with some crispy bits that made me think it may have been cooked a second time on the flat top griddle. The re-fried beans were not just a pile of mushed beans but still had a lot of whole beans. The cheese was melted and gooey. The lettuce was fresh and crisp. The creamy guacamole and the pico de gallo finished off this monster. I had to dig into this behemoth with a fork and knife because it was entirely too large to pick up. I managed to gulp down about the half burrito without any problems. I started to get full, but continued tearing through the burrito gigante and finally finished it off. The burrito was good from start to end and another menu item recommend but only for the person who can pack the food away.

  Los Cobos Mexican restaurant filled us all up and did it for less then fifty bucks. Not only that but the food was good and I walked away satisfied. The food was fresh, the service was good and quick. If you are a local then this is a place you need to check out for sure. Los Cobos did not bump my favorite Mexican food place out of it's place but it did place high on my list. I would not have any hesitation recommending Los Cobos to anyone for two reasons. The first is the prices were very reasonable for the amount of food and the second being the excellent quality.
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