Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pink's Hot Dogs at Knotts Berry Farm

Knotts Berry Farm
8039 Beach Blvd.
Buena Park, CA 90620

  I have been lucky enough to enjoy Pink's Hot Dog at the original location in Los Angeles, CA. Fortunately for me Pink's recently opened a location a lot closer to home. In fact it's right by the ticket booths for Knotts Berry Farm. It was a Friday night and I had the opportunity to hang with one of my best friends. We both decided it was time to try Pink's at Knotts to see how it compared to the original Pink's Hot Dogs. We both ordered a Brooklyn Dog which is a dog with pastrami and Swiss cheese. My friend order a chili cheese dog with nacho cheese in place of American cheese. I also had a bacon chili cheese dog which is a dog with three strips of bacon, chili, cheese and tomatoes. With two regular drinks this meal was shy of $30. By the way get the Knotts berry punch, this stuff is like liquid crack.

  My friend said the the Brooklyn dog was really good and the Swiss cheese worked really well with the dog and the pastrami. He also said the chili on the chili dog was not good at all and if it was not for nacho cheese that dog would have been ruined. He thought the buns at Pink's in Buena Park were not as good as the buns at Pink's in Los Angeles.

  I started with the Brooklyn dog myself and this dog was great. The combination of thickly sliced pastrami, Swiss and a natural casing dog was amazing. With each bite the hot dog would snap. The fatty pastrami added a lot more flavor to the dog and the bit of Swiss added a saltiness that really finished the dog off completely. My only fear with this dog, actually both for that matter, was that the bun was going break through the bottom. The buns seems like the were steamed to point of making them too soft and almost chewy.

  The bacon chili cheese dog was a heart attack on a bun. The three strips of bacon were thick and crisp. The tomatoes add a refreshing and cool bite to the dog and of course the hot dog was great. However the chili served at Pink's reminded me of a store bought chili brick you can purchase at the local grocery store. The chili was the worst thing on this dog and after having this dog I will never get the chili at Pink's again. The chili was far from anything I was accepting.  I felt that I could have easily prepared that chili. It did not stop me from finishing the dog but it was not an award winner in my mind.

  Overall Pink's Hot Dogs at Knotts Berry Farm is good and will allow any Orange County local to get a taste of the iconic hot stand without having to travel to Los Angeles. Myself and my friend do believe that the Los Angeles location tops the Buena Park location but only on a few technicalities. You can not beat the taste of the Pink's Hot Dog and that snap of a natural casing is not something that one gets often. The all beef dog is loaded with flavor and could be eaten all alone. If you enjoy pastrami then take it from me and order at least one Brooklyn dog. Pink's at Knotts Berry Farm produced a delicious plate of food and is well worth the frustration of finding free parking. 

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