Saturday, July 23, 2011

Chef's Coffe Shop, a long time friend

Chef's Coffee Shop
13 E. Live Oak Ave.
Arcadia, CA 91006

  I grew up in and around Arcadia, CA until I was eighteen and I can remember going to Chef's Coffee Shop many times in those years. I can remember being a little kid and going there with my Meme and Pepe, grandma and grandpa. In fact this most recent visit home my Meme told me when I was kid that when I wanted to go Chef's I would ask if we could go to the old people place. I continue to keep Chef's in my memory of restaurants because the food is good, the prices are fair and the service is friendly.

  It was a Sunday morning and Chef's Coffee Shop was packed, we had a party of five and in this small diner a both for large party is difficult to get. Most of the seats in Chef's will fit a party of four or smaller comfortably but a large party may have to wait. We got seated and the waitress immediately came to the table with coffee in hand asking to fill the cups already placed on the table. The menu at Chef's hasn't changed much and includes breakfast, lunch and dinner but I was there for breakfast. My daughter ordered the kids pancake breakfast which was one pancake, one egg, one bacon and one sausage. My son ordered the french toast, my wife ordered the hobo omelet and I ordered the pastrami omelet. With the meal my mom also ordered and drinks the bill was an even $53.

  Here is a shocker, my daughter ate her eggs before she ate her pancakes. Those eggs must have been good but once they were gone the pancake disappeared quickly. My son enjoyed his french toast and eggs. I had some of the french toast and it was good but they did not allow the bread to soak before cooking it so it was like scrambled eggs on bread. It was not horrible just not what I think of when I think of awesome french toast.

  My wife's hobo omelet was a bit of everything thrown in some eggs then turned into an omelet. The three egg omelet had some bacon, sausage, veggies and cheese. I not a fan of veggies in breakfast food so she got to enjoy her meal without me picking at it. Maybe she has learned the secret to keeping me out of her plate. My wife said the omelet was good and that is was cooked just right. My mom ordered a plate of hot links and eggs with a side of two pancakes. I did not get a picture of that meal but I was able to get some of hot links. They were tasty and spice level was just right for me. The hot links would have been good in a scramble mix or an omelet.

  The menu described my omelet as a three egg omelet with thinly sliced pastrami and Swiss cheese. I opted to get mine with American cheese. The pastrami was not thinly sliced but more like chucks of pastrami meat. The meat was tasty but a little chewy. The eggs were cooked nicely and overall I enjoyed the omelet. My only criticism is the pastrami really did need to be thinly sliced. The hash browns on the plate were crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, perfectly cooked hash browns bring a smile to my face everytime.

  Chef's Coffee Shop puts out good food at reasonable prices. We all walked out stuffed to brim and happy. That is enough for me to say Chef's is worth a visit and a place I will continue to patronize for as long as I can. This is not a gourmet restaurant but if you are looking for some quality diner food then you can not go wrong. My hope is that someday my grand-kids will ask if I can take them to the old people place.
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