Sunday, July 31, 2011

Is Buccaneer Pizza a hidden treasure?

2757 N. Grand Ave
Santa Ana, CA 92705

  Buccaneer Pizza has a very unassuming sign that can be seen from Grand Avenue. A sign that I have driven by many times and never thought to stop and try. I have heard from a few different people that Buccaneer Pizza was worth a try so finally the family and I decided to stop and try for ourselves. I was in the mood for a meatball sandwich but also wanted to try the pizza at Buccaneer Pizza so I went a bit over board when ordering. My little one order a slice of peperoni and a drink, my son got the lasagna calzone, my wife ordered a side salad and I got the small meatball sandwich. We also ordered the Sassy Chick pizza and we added bacon. The entire meal was about $65.

  My daughter had a hard time deciding what she wanted to eat because she wanted chicken and I would not let her order chicken. She finally decided to get a slice of peperoni pizza with a drink. Since they had pizza ready for slice orders she got her food right away. As soon as we sat down she started to munch down and she said the pizza was good. My son's calzone came out at the same time as the pizza but the wait was not anything I did not expect. The calzone was stuffed with meat and cheese that spilled out when he cut into it. My son is still a bit sensitive to spice and said it was spicy for him. To me was just right amount of heat that hits you in the back of the throat. He did not seem to mind too much because he eventually finished the whole thing.

  I did not get a picture of the salad because it was simple, fresh chopped salad. The salad was loaded with fresh veggies including a ton of mushrooms which my wife loves. She picked the Sassy Chick pizza and asked to have bacon added to it. The Sassy Chick is a bbq chicken pizza that is loaded with toppings. Buccaneer Pizza does their bbq chicken pizza a bit different then I have seen in the past. They still use a pizza sauce on the pizza then drizzle the bbq sauce over the pizza after it has been cooked. When the pizza got to our table it was obviously fresh from the oven. The pizza was piping hot and I struggled to keep the toppings on a slice as I pulled it away from the rest of the pizza. The pizza crust on the bottom was thin so getting this overloaded slice from the plate to mouth was a challenge. I won that battle and was finally able to enjoy my first bite of Buccaneer Pizza pizza. The Sassy Chick was just that, a bit sassy. The combination of sweet pizza sauce and tangy bbq sauce was good. The cheese was creamy, melted goodness. The chicken was good but appeared to be just grilled without any seasoning. Last but not least the crispy bacon and red onion worked perfectly. The pizza was really good and I bet the left overs will be just as good.

  My meatball sandwich arrived before the pizza so I ate half the sandwich and saved half for later. In fact I am enjoying the other half as I write this post. The sandwich was also fresh from the oven and filled with cut up meatballs, meat sauce, cheese and sprinkled with Italian seasoning. The french roll was crisp on the outside while still being soft and chewy on the inside. The meatballs were made small enough so you could get a bite of meatball in each mouthful. The meat sauce was good and full of flavor. The cheese was melted so it strings from the sandwich with each bite. Overall a good meatball sandwich that I would order again.

  One may never think to try Buccaneer Pizza from the sign on the building. The service was nice and seating was plentiful. Buccaneer Pizza also delivers if you are close enough which means you can try this food without even having to leave home, bonus! My only issue with Buccaneer Pizza was the price of the meal. I was a bit shocked when the employee chimed out with a price of almost $65. I knew the meal would be pricey because ordering the meatball sandwich on top of everything else but it still got me by surprise. However I can say my family walked out of Buccaneer Pizza with full bellies and left overs. In my best pirate voice I say this to you "Get yer land lovin self over to Buccaneer Pizza and hook a slice before I make ye walk the plank." Okay that was bad but seriously give it a try  and I think you will enjoy the meal like we did.
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