Saturday, July 2, 2011

Kimmie's Coffee Cup in Brea, CA

770 S. Brea Blvd.
Brea, CA 92821

  I had been told by a few different friends that the family and I had to check out Kimmie's Coffee Cup because it had some of best breakfast around. I was told that the Brea, CA location was the one to visit. The family was planning a Sunday together and we thought to start the day with a good breakfast at a new restaurant but one that was recommended.

  When we first walked into Kimmie's  it looked like busy place and it was small too. These kinds of places typically rock. However we were almost overlooked for seating. If I had not spoken up a couple that walked in after us would have been seated before us. We then sat down and we were immediately asked if we were ready to order. I said no and asked for a few minutes to look over the menu. About fifteen minutes later a waitress finally took our order, again this required me to speak up. My daughter got pancakes, my son got French toast, my wife got steak and eggs and I got corned beef hash with eggs. With drinks the meal was about $38.

  My wife handled the cutting of my daughter's pancakes this morning but quickly gave up and started to tear them by hand. My wife said the pancakes were too rubbery to cut with a butter knife and that she found it easier just to tear them. That did not stop my daughter from putting a pretty good dent in the pile of hand torn pancakes. My son said the French toast was good but that it tasted burnt. I had a bite myself and they did taste burnt but I am not sure because they did not look burnt at all.

  My wife got her eggs over medium and when she broke into them they were under cooked with runny whites. She just about told the waitress to take them back but ended up not doing so. She ordered her steak medium and that wasn't cooked correctly either. It was a little too rare. I asked for a taste of the steak because that was one of the dishes we were told to try. However I thought the steak was sprinkled with an mass produced seasoning. I could be wrong but I use the same seasoning on my steaks at home and they tasted almost identical. My wife did like the potatoes on the side but made a comment that its pretty hard to mess up potatoes.

  I love the Food Network and Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Lately when watching that show I have seen a lot of corned beef hash and thought I would try it here at Kimmie's Coffee Cup. I was very disappointed with this corned beef hash. The potatoes in the hash were entirely to uniform and reminded of the hash you buy in a can. There was no crisp to the hash and it was fairly greasy. My eggs were ordered over medium and they were over cooked. The barely had yolk which is what I was looking for so I could mix it up with the hash. The hash browns were good. I had a choice of toast or biscuits and gravy so I went with biscuits and gravy. These were not very good. The biscuits were doughy, like they were undercooked. The country gravy had no sausage in it and tasted like a basic milk gravy with lots of pepper in it.

  My breakfast at Kimmie's Coffee Cup is one that I won't soon forget, but not because it was good. In fact I will remember Kimmie's Coffee Cup for the bad service and not so good food. I would like to think that we visited Kimmie's on an off day but I am not sure the family is willing to give Kimmie's a second try. I would say that you would be better off spending your money some where else. Kimmie's Coffee Cup was a bust and I would not recommend this restaurant.
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