Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hungry Bear at Disneyland

Disneyland Resort Anaheim, CA

 When at Disneyland the family and I are always looking for some place new to eat. Disneyland has been trying hard to redo a lot of restaurant menus inside the park. I remember the food at Hungry Bear as being a simple burger patty that was thrown on a white bun with some wilted lettuce. The fries served with this old burger were not much better. However after trying the new menu items at Hungry Bear I was impressed with a few of the items.

 My daughter got the kids meal cheese burger, my son got the fried chicken sandwich, my wife got the turkey sandwich and I went for the cheese burger. Each sandwich comes with sweet potato fries or onion rings, no regular fries here. We also got drinks and a lemon cupcake for dessert. In total cost of the meal was around $50 which is to be expected at Disneyland. There is not much I can say I about the kids meal. The kids sized burger was small even for my daughter and the packaged apple slices were crisp. My son enjoyed his fried chicken sandwich but said it was a little dry. Once he added some mayo to the sandwich he was much happier.

  Typically when the wife and I eat at Disneyland we share our main course so we both can try a little of each. The cheese burger at Hungry Bear still reminded me of what I used to get before the menu change. However this time the lettuce was fresh and the tomatoes were juicy. The actual patty still left something to be desired. What I did really enjoy was the turkey sandwich. The turkey was sliced thin and stacked nicely on the bun. The lettuce and tomato on this sandwich were fresh too. Overall a really good sandwich that I would order over the burger next time the family chooses to eat at the Hungry Bear. The onion rings were large and cooked perfectly. The batter held tight to the onion with a nice crunch to each bite. The onion did not pull out of the coating like can happen. My only issue is they needed a little salt. I know what Disneyland is doing by not salting them but just a touch would have helped tremendously.

  The real star at Hungry Bear was the lemon cupcake. By itself the cupcake was almost $5 but I thought it was well worth every penny. The chocolate bee on top was a prize that went to my daughter. The frosting was creamy with a hint of lemon while not being overly sweet. The cake was moist and sponge like but the surprise was the tart lemon curd in the middle of the cupcake. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. This cupcake alone would be a reason to visit Hungry Bear and could be a family dessert stop.

  Did Hungry Bear's new menu impress me? Some items did and some had the same old feeling they used to have. Overall the food was good for amusement park standards and the family did leave with fully tummies. The burger was lacking and the kids meal was tiny. The fried chicken looked good but could have been better. If your in the mood for a good, healthy sandwich then get the turkey sandwich and you will satisfied. But do not forget the lemon cupcake. If you miss out on this little piece of sweet and sour goodness you will be a sad panda for sure.
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