Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pacific Coast Hot Dogs in Orange, CA

Pacific Coast Hot Dogs
3438 E. Chapman Ave
Orange, CA 92869

  Pacific Coast Hot Dogs is a small building on Chapman Avenue in Orange that does not look like much when you drive by. There is seating around the outside of the building and the inside is barely large enough to fit two workers. It is a place I have been waiting to try for a while now and finally got the chance. PCH Dogs has a menu of hot dogs that you can order or if none of them are to your liking you can order a dog pretty much any way you want. I got the chili cheese dog, wife got a dog with tomatoes, cheese, mayonnaise and ketchup, my son got a dog with ketchup and mayonnaise, my daughter got ketchup only. We also ordered some chili cheese fries, a large fry and two drinks. The total cost of the meals was $23.

  Good thing I took the pictures of my daughter's and son's hot dogs first because before I was done taking all my pictures my son had devoured his hot dog. I don't think I heard him chew it was so fast, must have been good. My daughter enjoyed her dog and I think this was her first natural casing dog. She kept pulling the dog out of the bun because she was not biting all the through. I think the kids walked away satisfied but not full.

  My wife said she enjoyed her hot dog and that is was loaded with toppings. She also liked the chili cheese fries but she thought the chili was kind of sweet. As for me I would have to say it was a good chili cheese dog. The first thing you notice is the snap of the natural casing when taking a bite of the dog. The chili was a no frills kind of meat chili that had no beans. The cheese was shredded cheddar that melted nicely over the warm chili. The all beef dog was snug in a steamed bun and with each bite a bit of chili and cheese fell to the plate. The chili cheese fries were covered in the same chili and cheese. The fries were crisp and not one fry was lacking chili or cheese. The server made sure the toppings on each menu item were plentiful.

  I am happy that I finally got to Pacific Coast Hot Dogs and was able to taste their food. I was satisfied with what I ate and would go back. However to feed my family I would have to order multiple hot dogs and with each dog at about $3.25 it would get expensive quickly. The quality of the food was good and no one had any complaints about the taste. If you have some extra dollars burning a hole in your pocket and you are looking to eat some good wieners then PCH Dogs would fit the bill.

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