Monday, September 19, 2011

Moffett's Chicken Pie Shoppe

Moffett's Family Restaurant and Chicken Pie Shoppe
1409 S. Baldwin Avenue
Arcadia, CA 91007

  Moffett's Family Restaurant and Chicken Pie Shoppe is a restaurant that I have been going to for as long as I can remember. Recently the family and I made a trip to visit my mom and one of the stops included Moffett's Chicken Pie Shoppe. This place has not changed much if any since I was a kid, both the decor and the food. The best thing is that the prices are budget friendly and the portions are huge. You will walk out of Moffett's with a full belly and some change in your pocket.

  Moffett's has a lunch special that runs every day. You can get a chicken pie, mashed potatoes, peas with carrots and two biscuits for $5.70. If you make it a beef pie then it only cost $6.10. The family, which included my mom, ordered a two chicken pie lunches, one beef pie lunch, a turkey club, a childs cheese burger, a bowl of chili, dessert for all and drinks. The entire meal's cost was about $62.00.

  The meal started with a bowl chili bean stew. This was  a large bowl of chili beans that I was able to share with my wife and mom and still had plenty for myself. The beans we tender, the meat was plentiful and tomatoes were chunky. The was no spicy heat to this chili but the flavor very much reminded me of the chili beans my mom would make at home when I was a child. A nice start to the meal.

  My daughter definitely enjoyed her burger and fries, my mom was shocked to see how fast it was gone. The burger appeared to be hand made and not something from a frozen package. The fries looked a bit well done but that did not stop her. My son said the turkey club was good and that the turkey was fresh. He did say the fries were dry and that even a healthy coat of ketchup could not help.

  The chicken pie lunch and the beef pie lunch was the meal deal the wife and I picked, my mom also got a chicken pie lunch. I did have a bite of wife's chicken pie and can definitely say it was delicious. The pie was stuffed with white meat chicken and covered in a basic white gravy. My wife thought the chicken gravy was a little bland but a couple shakes of salt and pepper did help. My beef pie was loaded with shredded beef and surrounded by a tender yet flaky crust. It also has some cubes of potato, carrots and some peas inside. The pie and the mashed potatoes both received a ladle of beef gravy. This pie was as good as I remembered, the beef was melt in your mouth tender and the gravy was smooth.

  Each family member was able to get a dessert at Moffett's. My wife got a sundae, my son indulged in a slice of pumpkin pie, my daughter went old school with some jello, my mom stayed traditional with a slice of cherry pie and I went with one of my favorites which is bread pudding. I am not sure what kind of bread was used but I can say it  was soaked very well before being baked. There was not one bit of dry of bread. The cinnamon spice was strong but not overpowering while the bit of crisp crust added a textural element to the bread pudding that was just the right touch. A good bread pudding for sure but this was not the best rendition of this dessert.

  Moffett's Family Restaurant and Chicken Pie Shoppe still delivers a hearty meal and manages to keep the cost low. The pot pie lunch special is available seven days a week but only until 4 PM so get there before then to enjoy the lower prices. My overall impression is the  same as it has always been. If your looking for some good comfort food then Moffett's will deliver just that. You will walk out talking about how much you enjoyed your meal and how you need a nap because you are so stuffed. Make sure to check out the Yelp page here.
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