Monday, October 3, 2011

Simply Sharon's is Simply Good

27469 Jefferson Ave
Temecula, CA 92590

  It's Tuesday and you find out a band you want to see is playing at the Wheelhouse in Hemet on Saturday. You make all the appropriate plans and when Saturday comes, you end up in Temecula for a late lunch early dinner. Where to go? I went to Simply Sharon's with my best friend Jeff. It was about 3PM and the dinner menu had just kicked in so Jeff knew immediately what he wanted and it was deep fried pork chops with mac and cheese, fried corn and side of gravy. It took me a few minutes to decide but I ended up with the fried chicken and the same sides. Each meal also came with a side of corn bread. With drinks the meal was about $32 this price was discounted because of a 20% off with Yelp check-in.

  Jeff did not even hesitate when it came to his order. He said this was what he got every time because it was just good. The plate had two average sized chops that were breaded and then deep friend until fully cooked. He used the gravy for a dipping a sauce while alternating bites of the side dish. The chops looked good and based on his clean plate must have tasted good too.

  When my fried chicken arrived to the table it was hot, like it was just pulled out of the fryer. The breading on the chicken was crisp and dark brown. Not sure what it was made from but it was flavorful. The chicken underneath was moist and cooked just right. The side of gravy was perfect for dipping the pieces of meat I pulled from the bone. The gravy was thick and full of spices, a good combination with the chicken and breading. The mixed plate had one wing, a leg, a thigh and a breast. The mac and cheese was cheesy and creamy with a bit of a peppery bite to it. The fried corn was loaded with bacon, andouille sausage, and bell peppers. The corn was good but had a little too much bell peppers for my liking. I finished the meal with my corn bread which was sweet and crumbly like a good corn bread should be.

  The food at Simply Sharon's was good down home cooking. Everything that I tried was good and the friend chicken was excellent. This was my first time at Simply Sharon's but next time I am in the area I'm sure it will come up as a choice in the "Where do you want to eat?" conversation.

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