Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A deep fried treat from Taco Treat

Taco Treat
74 E. Live Oak Ave.
Arcadia, CA 91066

  Taco Treat is one of those places that you would see from the street and think twice about stopping at but not stopping would be a mistake. I have been going to Taco Treat for as long as I can remember, my brother and sisters have been going even longer then that. Taco Treat has been an Arcadia main stay for youngsters and adults for as long as it has been around. This place is known for its deep fried burritos, while they do serve other Mexican dishes I only go there for the burritos.

  This trip to Arcadia I was all alone and only got a bean and cheese and a beef and bean burrito. I also got a medium orange whip drink. All together this meal was just shy of eight bucks. Make sure to bring cash because Taco Treat only accepts cash.

  The round burrito is the bean and cheese while the flat one is the beef and bean. The bean and cheese was the first Taco Treat burrito I have eaten in years and it was as good as I remembered. The crispy shell filled with beans and white cheese. The beans have a very mild spice to them and the cheese is all hot and gooey. Each bite meant more burrito shell in my lap. The beef and bean uses the same kind of beans but also includes some well seasoned ground beef. This all gets wrapped up and gets the same deep fried treatment that results in the crispy, crunchy outside and warm inside. Both of these burritos take me to hot summer days in Arcadia when our family would make a trek to Taco Treat for lunch. We would stuff our bellies with food and then wait the forty-five minutes before we could go swimming again. The good ole days.

  If for any reason you find your self in Arcadia and on Live Oak Avenue make it a point to stop at Taco Treat. These burritos will kill any deep fried craving you have and at the same time fill you up until your next meal.

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