Monday, December 5, 2011

Polly's Pies is more then just great pie

Polly's Pies
2025 N. Tustin St.
Orange, CA 92865

  Polly's Pies is one restaurant that I can take the family to and know that everyone will be able to find something to eat and the food will be good. The family has been going to Polly's Pies for many years and when I realized I had not yet written about Polly's Pies I thought it was past due. Most people might think Polly's Pies is place that all the blue haired old ladies head to but even if that's true it does not stop me from going.

  The menu is full choices from breakfast in the morning to dinner specials at night. The wait is never too long as they do really well in turning around the tables. So tonight my daughter ordered the corn dog, my son ordered the King Edward's club sandwich, my wife ordered the salisbury steak and I got the herb crusted pork chops. We added salads, a bowl of soup, a slice of pie, drinks and on the way out there were some muffins that were 50% off. With all this the bill was about $60. A quick tip if you go later in the evening they have some baked good for 50% off so the four muffins we got are normally $5.99 but we got them half price, what a deal.

  My daughter's corn dog was cooked golden brown and delicious and the fries were also cooked so they were GBandD. My daughter said the corn dog was too crunchy but I thought it was perfect. She eventually manged to eat most of the corn dog and most of her fries. The King Edward's club sandwich my son ordered is something I myself often get at Polly's Pies. This club sandwich is stacked with roast turkey slices, fresh veggies and crisp bacon. This has got to be one of my favorite club sandwiches I can get, and it has become my sons favorite also. He ate the entire sandwich and said that is was just as good as it always is. That is awesome because that means Polly's Pies food is consistent which means you know everytime you visit you will get a good meal.

  My wife's salisbury steak looked amazingly delicious. The steak its self was thick, cooked to the perfect temperature and covered in gravy with mushrooms. I had a bite of the steak and there was bit of griddle crust on the outside which added a nice bite. The gravy was a nice beef gravy that added an extra beefy flavor to the bite and really put it over the top. My wife said the sauteed mushrooms were an addition that she really enjoyed. She also said the rest of her meal was cooked well and that she enjoyed the entire plate of food.

  I looked over the menu and saw the Saturday dinner was herb crusted pork chops. I love me some pork chops so that was an easy choice for me. Plus because it was a dinner special I could get a slice of pie for only 99 cents extra, what a deal. The pork chops them self were cooked just right and tender enough to cut with my fork. The only problem  I could see was they needed a bit of salt. I'm not one of those people that like to a little food with my salt but these chops were definitely under salted. The green beans were nice and mashed potatoes with gravy were tasty. They use Yukon  gold potatoes for their mashed potatoes which make these mashed potatoes nice and creamy. The beef gravy works so very well with the potatoes too. This is a meal I would recommend anyone give a try and I think you too will be just as satisfied as I was.

  You can't go to Polly's Pies without getting a slice of pie. Any slice of pie from Polly's is good however my absolute favorite would be the ban-berry pie. This is a banana cream pie on the bottom that is then topped with the fresh strawberry pie filling. This pie is off the hook! The tender crust, creamy banana filling with large pieces of banana is amazing on it's own, but then you top it with the sweet yet tart strawberry filling that has huge pieces of fresh berries? O.M.G! But then to top it off they pipe a fresh line of whipped cream to the edges of the pie. This is nothing short of pie perfection.

  If the pictures above have not convinced you to go to Polly's Pies then I am not sure what else I can say here. The food at Polly's Pies is good, the portion sizes are nice and the prices are fair. This is the best possible combination I could ask for when trying to feed my family.

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