Monday, December 19, 2011

A touchdown at Game Day?

Game Day
Fire grilled hot dogs
3009 E. Chapman Ave
Orange, CA 92869

  I was taking my son to school one day and on the way I noticed this new restaurant sign that read Game Day, Fire grilled hot dogs and hamburgers. I thought to myself that I would have to get over there and try that place. I gathered up the family and we headed over there for lunch. When you first walk in, it reminds you of those old school Taco Bell buildings, so I am guessing at one point it was one. The menu has your basic hamburgers and hot dogs but it also has the Game Day creations.

  My daughter was easy, cheeseburger with ketchup. My son got himself a pulled pork with the slaw on the side. My wife got a Game Day burger which is a half pound patty with bacon, fried egg and chipotle mayo. She eighty-sixed the chipotle mayo for regular mayo. I got the Split 44 which is a Polish sausage with pastrami, fired egg, pepper jack cheese and chipotle mayo. We also ordered garlic fries, chili cheese fries, regular fries and four small drinks. All together this meal just shy of $37.

  As always my daughter had no trouble finishing her burger and the regular fries she shared with her brother. For a child's burger it looked filling. My son's BBQ pulled pork sandwich was a heaping pile of shredded smoked pork covered in BBQ sauce. I had to try a bite of this sandwich and let me tell you, this was good. The pork it self was tender and moist. The pork also had a nice smokey flavor. The BBQ sauce was tangy with a tiny kick of spice that hit you in the back of the throat. A pulled pork sandwich that I would order myself.


  A slice of the Game Day burger was quartered out for me from my wife. The patty was cooked perfectly and still extremely moist. The bacon was crisp and the egg was fried until the yolk was just cooked through. My first bite of the burger was perfect, a little of everything in one bite. Even the bun was thick enough to stay together with all the juice but still soft. This was a burger that made me say out loud "damn this is good". The garlic fries my wife got were also amazingly good. The fries were coated with garlic and parmesan cheese. The flavor was balanced nicely with the just the right amount of each ingredient.

  The Split 44 is something that I have never seen before so I had to give it a try. The Polish sausage was split and placed on the bun. Then a fried egg was placed on the sausage along with some pastrami and then covered with melted pepper jack cheese. Each bite of this sandwich was filled with a little bit of everything. The sausage was firm yet snapped with each bite. The pastrami was peppery and not chewy or fatty. The fried egg on this sandwich was also cooked til the yolk was no longer runny. The chipotle mayo and pepper jack cheese added a spice to the sandwich that I personally could have done without. I am not one for spice so next time I will get regular jack and plain mayo. However even with the spice this sandwich was a knock out punch to your taste buds. The chili on the chili cheese fries was an all meat with no beans while the sharp cheddar melted nicely. The chili fries were some of the best chili cheese fries I have had recently.

  It is really awesome when I stumble across a place like Game Day Fire grilled hot dogs. I don't think I would have ever given this place a second thought if I did not write this blog. I say that because I am now constantly on the look for new places to try and write about so when I saw a Game Day spring up I knew I had to try it. I can tell you this I will be back to Game Day and I would highly recommend you get over there and give them a try yourself.

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