Monday, November 28, 2011

By Request, Tony's Little Italy Pizza

Tony's "Little Italy" Pizza
1808 N. Placentia Ave, Unit B
Placentia, CA 92870

  I had asked on PapaKaster Eatin' Facebook fan page if anyone had any suggestions on a good place to eat, and one suggestion was for Tony's "Little Italy" Pizza. I was told by a very good friend that they have the best Chicago style deep dish pizza around. I have always wanted to try Chicago style deep dish pizza so this was an easy choice for me.

  Tony's is a small little hole in the wall type place with a few tables to sit at in the front area. The family ended up there on on Saturday evening and they were busy. We were fortunate to find seating since every table was full but we happened to catch a table as someone was leaving. When we ordered the staff was nice enough to warn us that it would be about fifty minutes until the pizza would be ready. I said that was okay then went ahead and ordered a large pepperoni with Canadian bacon, an order of garlic bread and two drinks. All together this meal was just shy of $29.

  The garlic bread came out within minutes of ordering. It was on what look like a french roll that was loaded with butter and garlic. The bread was crisp on the top and soft in the center and full of garlic and parmesan cheese. A good start to the meal and just enough to keep us happy until the pizza was ready.
  I am not exactly sure how long we had waited until the pizza came out but I would have say it was close to the fifty minute estimate if not a little bit sooner. When the pizza was placed on the table I was amazed at the size and the height of the whole thing. Pulling the first slice for my daughter the cheese was stringy, a good sign of quality ingredients. The pepperoni and Canadian bacon pieces hung on by threads of cheese. I then dished out slices to everyone else, with fork and knife we all began to eat. My first bite of pizza I got tons of cheese, pepperoni, Canadian bacon and a sweet tomato sauce. The bottom crust was crisp and it took just a little bit of knife work to get through but it was not tough. The entire slice of pizza was mostly cheese and toppings with some sauce on top. The end crust was crunchy on the outside and a little doughy toward the middle. This was a filling slice of pizza for sure but I managed to eat a second. After two slices of Tony's pizza I was done, the same was true for my wife and son while the little one only managed one slice.

  Is Tony's "Little Italy" Pizza the best Chicago stye pizza I have ever had? The answer would be yes because to date it is the only Chicago style pizza I have ever had. Was this the best pizza I have ever had? The answer would be no. Is that to say Tony"s Pizza is bad? No, not all. The pizza was exactly what I was expecting and it was delicious for sure. Plenty of toppings loaded thick and deep with a very good tomato sauce on top. A pizza anyone would be proud to produce and anyone who ordered one would definitely enjoy. I took the time out to try Tony's "Little Italy" Pizza and would suggest you do the same.

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Monday, November 21, 2011

A fast Wok Experience that is also inexpensive

The Wok Experience
1804 N. Tustin Ave, Ste. A
Santa Ana, CA 92705

  If there is one thing I am always on look for it has to be a good quality, fast food Chinese food place. When ever I have the craving for Chinese food now-a-days I simply drive around the corner from home and get something from The Wok Experience. This time is was a family meal of two, two item combos, one, one item combo, one special ordered meal and a few sides. The entire meal was about $30.

  We started with some egg rolls and cream cheese wantons. I did not touch the wontons but the wife and my son like them. The egg rolls were all mine. Crispy outside with a gently cooked inside. The cabbage still had some texture to it and the crisp pieces of carrots were nice. The egg rolls go really well with the teriyaki sauce they have as dipping.

  My daughter got a one item with teriyaki chicken and fried rice. She said that she liked the chicken and the fried rice. She manged to eat almost all of both and as she said she "had a full tummy". My son got the BBQ chicken and teriyaki chicken with half fried rice and half chow mein. He gobbled both meat dishes without any problems but seems to struggle with the rice and noodles. He said the BBQ was good and the teriyaki chicken was sweet. Both kids enjoyed  their meals.

  The wife always special orders the Mongolian chicken, it's not on the menu but if you ask they will make it for you. It comes with a large side order box of the chicken and a small container of steamed rice, but for 50 cents extra you can get it fried.  The chicken is tender, the onions are plentiful and the sauce is delicious. The amount of onions they give in this dish is ridiculous so you had better like them. My wife gives me almost half a dish of nothing but onions that I end up mixing them in with the rest of my meal. Overall a good rendition of the Mongolian chicken that anyone would enjoy.

  As for me, my styrofoam container was loaded with broccoli beef, teriyaki chicken, fried rice and chow mein. The teriyaki chicken is cooked tender and chopped into bite sized pieces. The teriyaki sauce is a bit on the sweet side so use it sparingly. The broccoli beef has tons of fresh broccoli, sliced carrots and thin tender pieces of beef. The crunchy broccoli and soft beef are a nice contrast in textures when eaten together. The fried rice was a bit dry but the chow mein was good. The noodles were nice and soft and it had a lot of fresh veggies. Needless to say my container was empty in minutes.

  The Wok Experience has definitely become a family favorite when we are in need of a quick fix. The overall quality of the food at The Wok Experience is good. These kind of steam table Chinese food places are a dime a dozen in Orange County but The Wok Experience stands out. If you are any where near this place and jonesing some good Chinese food then The Wok Experience will fulfill.

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Monday, November 14, 2011

The 5n2 a local burger joint in Orange

125 E. Taft Ave.
Orange, CA 92865

  My wife and I had a free Sunday afternoon to find some food. We headed back to a local burger joint in Orange. We lived right up the street from 5n2 for about 11 1/2 years. Back when we first moved to  the neighborhood, the place was called Ted's Burgers. The 5n2 was always a nice fall back when the family needed lunch or dinner so the wife and I decided to go back. I ordered the number 55 which is a chicken sandwich with bacon, tomatoes, pickles and cheese. I had them substitute fried zucchini for the fries. My wife had the chicken and lettuce wrap with a side of french fries and drink. The meal was about $21.

  My wife said the wrap was good and the chicken had a bit of spice to it. She thought the chicken had been marinated in some kind of spice before it was cooked. She said the spice was good and gave tiny bit of heat to the wrap. She did make a comment about there being too much lettuce but then I pointed out that it was chicken and lettuce wrap. The small fry was large for a small and the fries were okay. Some fries cooked well, some cooked too crisp and some not enough.

  The number 55 is combo meal I have been ordering for a long time so it was easy for me to choose from the enormous amount of menu items. The sour bread is covered in some kind of parmesan cheese spread then grilled. The chicken on the sandwich was cooked well and still a bit moist. The fresh tomato and pickles helped to add some moister to the sandwich.The bacon was limp and chewy, that was a disappointment for sure. The fried zucchini were okay, I have certainly had better. The small pieces of zucchini were over cooked and almost burnt. The average sized zucchini were cooked nice with a crisp coating and nice soft zucchini inside.

  The 5n2 serves everything from breakfast to sushi with some Mexican mixed in between. The menu choices are numerous but due to this the food is just okay. I think with such a large menu you can cook good food but nothing is going to shine. Like I said the food is okay but it is nothing that is going to knock your socks off. The prices are reasonable and a family can walk out of the 5n2 with full stomachs and still the parents will still have money left in their wallets.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The McRib is back

McDonald's McRib
  I know, I know this thing is horrible but you would be wrong. The porky patty that has been mechanically pieced together is oh so good. The tangy bar-b-que sauce, sour pickles and raw onions all meld together to make one hell of sandwich. I have not had McDonald's in months and my wife was a bit surprised when I said let's go but when she heard the McRib was back she understood why. Even my son enjoyed the entire sandwich pickles, onions and all. I can't explain my desire for this sandwich other then it is unnatural because there is nothing natural about this meat patty, it's just plain win.