Monday, January 9, 2012

Fill up at The Filling Station Cafe

The Filling Station Cafe
201 N. Glassell St.
Old Towne Orange, CA 92866

  There is nothing better then a Sunday morning with the family and having a great breakfast. This Sunday morning we found ourselves at The Filling Station Cafe in Old Towne Orange. We decided to sit outside so that our wait was minimal. My daughter ordered the child's pancakes breakfast, my son ordered the French toast breakfast, my wife ordered the Denver omelet minus bell peppers and I ordered the bacon and sausage omelet. With drinks the meal was about $46.

  Lately my daughter has been in this mood where she will not eat without giving her mother and I attitude about it. However this morning there was no arguing from her at all. She devoured her eggs so she could get to her pancakes. That pancake didn't stand a chance and it was gone quicker then the eggs. She topped herself off with the bacon and a sausage. My wife and I were shocked that she ate without any complaints. My son also dug into his breakfast right away. He said the scrambled eggs were fluffy and the sausage was good too. He finished almost all of the French Toast but left enough for me to get a couple bites. This French toast is made with sweet Hawaiian sweet bread. The sweet bread, maple syrup and the egg mixture they use to soak the bread all combine to make a delicious French toast.

  My wife said her omelet was was good and that she really liked the entire plate of food. The chopped potatoes she got with her plate were really tasty. I snagged a fork full and to me they almost tasted like were cooked with chorizo spices, this made the potatoes really flavorful. She even commented on the strawberry preserves that were served with the toast.

  As for me I could not have been happier with my dish. The hash browns had a crisp outer shell and soft inside, the perfect way to serve hash browns. The omelet it self was a thin round of egg that reminded me of a crepe. Inside this round of egg was melted cheddar cheese, chunks of sausage and large pieces of cut bacon. The sausage was moist and not over cooked, the bacon was thick and crisp. I liked the way this omelet was put together and I really enjoyed the large amount of filling that was loaded into this omelet. The amount of eggs they used was just enough to let you know this was an omelet but not so much that all you would taste is the eggs. I finished the meal with my toast and the strawberry preserve I also got was nice finish to the meal.

  I had been noticing a few of my friends making good comments about The Filling Station Cafe so it was my turn to take the family there and give it a try. I am glad we did to, because the breakfast was awesome and the prices were reasonable. I could easily spend $46 to feed my family at a chain restaurant and get lesser quality food. Everything tasted fresh and felt like it was made to order. The wait staff was super friendly and very attentive. The Filling Station Cafe is definitely an establishment that I would visit again. My next task will be to get there and try the lunch and/or dinner menu. If this breakfast is any indication of the rest of the menu I can not wait and neither should you.

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