Monday, March 5, 2012

Breakfast at an Original

The Original Pancake House
3322 E. Chapman Ave
Orange, CA 92869

  My wife and I had a day off together and decided to start the day with a good breakfast. The Original Pancake House came to mind, we both agreed and headed over to our local location. I have been eating here for many years and have always enjoyed the food so it would be time to share, just in case some readers had not yet tried this restaurant. My wife ordered an egg dish but the name of the dish escapes me. I ordered the corned beef and hash. Each dish came with a side of pancakes and we both upgraded to fresh blueberry pancakes. With drinks this breakfast for two was about $32.

  The egg dish my wife order was made with three eggs, normally it is four but my wife nixed one, mushrooms, sausage, bacon and grip of cheese. This large plate was covered in the egg concoction then loaded with cheese that then melted perfectly. The eggs were light and fluffy while the bacon was crisp and the sausage was tender. This was a well made plate of eggs and something I would order minus the mushrooms.

  The corned beef and hash I ordered came to the table and looked good. It had a nice griddle crust on it and was looking like a large portion. When digging into it I realized the portion was flattened thin and wide. The hash was very good, with a thin crisp layer, the soft inside made this hash good. The bits of corned beef were tasty, the potatoes were soft and the onions added a nice touch to the whole dish. I ordered my eggs over medium so the yolk from the eggs added a nice creamy component to the hash. I was pleased with my hash but a bit disappointed with the portion size.

  The real star of the breakfast was the fresh blueberry pancakes. The pancakes were airy and reminded me of well made cake. The fresh blueberries popped with every bite and they even had fresh blueberry syrup that I drenched my pancakes with. All of this made for one awesome plate of pancakes.

  I was pleased with this meal and every other meal I have had in the past. The Original Pancake House always delivers a delicious plate of food even when they are busy. If you have not taken the time to visit this establishment then I would say you are missing out and should plan to have your next breakfast excursion here.

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