Monday, March 12, 2012

Doggone good burgers at The Lazy Dog Cafe

The Lazy Dog Cafe
1623 West Katella Ave
Orange, CA 92867

  The first time my wife and I ate The Lazy Dog Cafe I was not impressed at all and swore to never to go back. However one family event changed my opinion for the better and I will continue to go back to The Lazy Dog Cafe for some really good burgers. This evening the whole family went and my daughter ordered her usual, my son ordered the hot pastrami, my wife ordered the BBQ bacon burger and I ordered the Bleu burger. With a nacho appetizer and drinks this meal was just shy of $60.

  We started the meal with a plate of nachos. The chips were covered in Lazy Dog chili con carne, salsa, guacamole and melted cheese. The chili was good, it had a nice hint of spice and large pieces of meat. The combination of all the flavors was enjoyable and this plate did not last long. Each member of the family chowed down til there was nothing left.

  My daughter ordered the teen cheese burger and this was a larger burger for a kids meal. She managed to finish half without any real issues. My son got the hot pastrami sandwich on sour dough. He said the pastrami was tasty but it was hard to get any words out of him because he was too busy trying to win the speed eating contest that someone was having. Maybe when I was teen I ate like this too but damn kid, slow and taste the food you are eating.

  My wife was torn between this BBQ bacon burger and a chicken pot pie, she decided to get the burger because she knew the burger would be awesome. This burger was cooked with a tangy, sweet BBQ sauce covered in cheese and two slices of thick bacon. The typically toppings were delivered with the burger. She managed to finish this large burger but was stuffed to the brim.

  My bleu burger was thick patty with slices on hickory smoked bacon and large scoop of bleu cheese butter. This burger also came with the typical burger fixings. When you order your burger you can choose what temperature to have it cooked, in my opinion I never ask for anything over medium. This will produce a flavorful burger that is juicy and still cooked enough so that any raw meat freaks should be happy. The bleu butter served on burger helps to add to the moistness and multiplies the drip factor by four. Thinly shaved onions add a nice bite to the burger without being too over powering. The fresh pickles bring a sour tang and the fresh tomato complete this doggone good burger.

  My first experience at The Lazy Dog Cafe was a huge let down and has honestly kept me from trying anything new on the menu. But if you are craving a thick, juicy burger then The Lazy Dog Cafe will deliver in spades. These burgers are an easy choice for me and the family when we need to curb our carnivore urges.

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