Monday, April 23, 2012

Mini prices at Mini Cafe

Mini Cafe
2370 N Tustin Ave, Ste. C
Santa Ana, CA 92705

  I had heard about Mini Cafe from Dan who writes Eat in OC. The family and I are always looking for a local place to get good Mexican food. It was an easy choice for us when I needed a place to write about and the family, and who doesn't like Mexican food?

  Mini Cafe is tucked away in the corner of a shopping center on Tustin Avenue and could be easily missed if you did know about it. The menu is simple, the prices are seven bucks a plate and the seating is limited. I ordered the little one a chicken, bean and cheese burrito. My son got a carne asada burrito, my wife green chile chicken enchiladas and I got a chicken burrito. We all got drinks and the final cost was about $24.

  We started the meal with a free plate of "nachos" compliments of Mini Cafe. I would not really call them nachos since it was a very small pile of chips covered in beans and house made salsa. The were very simplistic but still tasty and the salsa had a nice kick to it.

  My daughter enjoyed her burrito and finished all but a few bites. My son got his burrito and dove right in mouth first. He cleaned his plate pretty quickly. The burrito was filled with nothing but carne asada and fresh onions and cilantro. He said the food was piping hot when delivered to the table and that the meat was flavored well.

  My wife will always order green chile enchiladas any chance she gets. So it was an easy choice for her and something she has eaten at many different places. She said these enchiladas were filled with chicken and a little cheese then covered with the green chile sauce and you guessed it, more cheese. She said overall the enchiladas were good and she did enjoy them.

  My burrito was similar to my sons which was nothing more then chopped chicken with fresh onion and cilantro. The chicken had a good flavor to it but it is hard to describe. It also had a nice crisp crust on the outside of the chicken bits like it was cooked on a flat top. The beans and rice were basic.

  There was nothing wrong with the food at Mini Cafe but it was just basic Mexican. The food was cooked well, the service was friendly and the prices were good. However I have had better, more flavorful Mexican food at different restaurants. I have to admit even as basic as the food was I would still go back to Mini Cafe and would say it is was worth a pit stop if you are in the area.

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