Monday, May 7, 2012

An unusual pizza

Oggi's Pizza and Brewing Co.
1500 E. Village Way
Orange, CA 92865

  I have driven by Oggi's Pizza and Brewing Company many times, since it is inside The Village of Orange or The Mall of Orange or whatever they are calling that place this week. This week my wife and I finally decided it was time to stop in and try the food. We ordered the loaded potato wedges as an appetizer, my daughter order herself a kids cheese pizza, my son ordered the classic calzone, my wife and I ordered a medium pizza which was half Heavyweight (meat pizza) and half Triathlon (chicken club). With drinks the meal was about $52.

  The staff was super friendly and when we ordered she said the loaded potato wedges would be out in a few minutes and sure enough they were. They were blazing hot, covered in bacon bits, a melted blend of cheeses and green onions. This was a loaded baked potato but with crispy potato wedges. The cool ranch dressing helped to cool the wedges before each bite. This appetizer could have been a meal in it self due to the size of the serving.

  My daughter chowed on her pizza and finished half of it at the table without any problems. This mini pizza was loaded with cheese and looked tasty. My son said the classic calzone was loaded with meat and cheese. My son has been eating like crazy lately and he was able to finish half of this giant calzone.

  As for my wife and I we were undecided as to which pizza to get and the staff mentioned if we got a medium or large we could get it half and half. Once we heard the choice was easy the Heavyweight and Triathlon were ordered. The Triathlon uses a garlic oil in place of pizza sauce, chicken breast and crispy bacon. It is then topped with crisp ice burg lettuce, chopped tomatoes, fresh avocado and then drizzled with ranch dressing. The description of the Triathlon caught my curiosity so I had to try it. Let me tell you this pizza was amazingly good and lite. The garlic came through in each bite while the chicken was tender and the lettuce and bacon were indeed crisp. The cool, creamy texture of the avocado and sweet of the tomatoes completed this fantastic pizza. The Heavyweight is loaded with meat, meat and more meat. It has Canadian bacon, ground beef, Italian sausage, peperoni, salami and ham. This pizza is for the meat lover in anyone. You could not ask for any more meat on this pizza. There was so much meat on each slice of pizza that you could hardly see the cheese. Each selection of meat added to the flavor of the pizza and it reminded me of a well made deli sandwich.

  I was very much impressed with the food at Oggi's Pizza and Brewing Company. It was all fresh, well made and delicious. The staff at this Oggi's was friendly, attentive and menu knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend you stop at this Oggi's and grab some grub. Oh and if you are a sports fan they have tons of TVs with most every game playing on a variety of the screens, and if you enjoy a good beer, I have heard from more then one person their house brews are pretty amazing too.

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