Wednesday, June 27, 2012

NY Subs in Orange

New York Subs
3041 E. Chapman Ave
Orange, CA 92869

  A few days ago a friend of mine made mention of New York Subs on Chapman in Orange so I thought I would take my kids there for lunch. Personally I had a heck of the time finding the place but if you know where the Pizza Hut is then New York Subs is right next door. My daughter ordered a plain turkey and cheese, my son ordered a meatball and cheese and I ordered a turkey, ham and roast beef. We all got combo meals which included chips and a small drink. The total was just shy of $20 for the food.

 My daughter slowly but surely finished her sandwich. This is only because she did not want to eat for some reason. My son devoured his meatball and cheese. He said the meatballs were good and that the marinara sauce was tasty. It is hard to get him to describe the food when we he is eating so quickly, he needs to realize he needs to stop so he can breath. Must have been really good.

 As for my sandwich is was stuffed with turkey that was sliced thin and still moist, the ham was salty and sweet and the roast beef that was tender. The fixings were loaded on top of the meat and piled high. The tomatoes were sliced thick, the onions were not too thick and the shredded lettuce all combined to make a good sandwich but nothing above average. 

 The quality of the food was good and much better then any of those chain sandwich places but I know of a few better sandwich shops. If you want a sandwich and are too lazy to make your own at home then New York Subs will do just fine.

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