Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Take a bite of Sharky's

Sharky's Woodfired Mexican Grill
51 The Paseo
Long Beach, CA 90802

When the family takes a trip to The Aquarium of the Pacific we are always looking for some place to eat close. With the use of Yelp I found Sharky's Woodfired Mexican Grill. The reviews were good and  with three and a half stars I was game. However upon walking in and looking at the menu I did not hold high hopes for Sharky's.

  My daughter ordered a kids cheese quesadilla, my son ordered the Sharky's burrito with beef, my wife ordered the fajitas mixed plate and I ordered a two fish taco combo plate. We also got an order of chicken nachos and drinks. This entire meal was about $45.

  Surprisingly my daughter chowed down on on her quesadilla without any feuding. A very welcomed change of pace. She said she really enjoyed the cheesy quesadilla. My son said the Sharky's burrito was tasty, but he also said the amount of beef was kind of small. He said it was like mostly rice and beans which left him wanting more meat. That didn't stop him from finishing and considering my son's picky pallet, it seemed to be a minor complaint.

  My wife's plate of fajitas looked appetizing. The chicken and beef was cooked nicely, the plate was loaded with veggies and the sides were portioned perfectly. The fajitas had some added veggies you do not normally find in a fajita plate, like squash and zucchini, which helped to make this a more healthy choice for fajitas. But we weren't here for health we were here to fill our tummies. Which my wife was able to accomplish that goal easily.

  The chicken nachos were for all to share and this was only a half order of nachos. I would image the full order would be a meal of its own. The pizza sized dished was loaded with fresh and crispy tortilla chips. Then those chips were covered in chicken breast, beans and cheese. This was then topped with fresh pico de gallo and smooshed avocado. It was not gaucamole but rather just fresh avocado that appeared to be squished with fork. The perfect bites were a single chip loaded with a bit of chicken, beans, cheese, pico de gallo and the creamy avocado. Damn this was good.

  As for me, like I said I wasn't expecting much from Sharky's but these fish tacos were bomb. I ordered the cod fish in the tempera batter with flour tortillas. The fish was moist and flaky while the batter was crisp and light. The fresh cabbage added a nice crunch and the white sauce was not over powering at all. A squeeze of lime on each taco added a citrus note with bit of sour that really took these tacos up a notch. The rice was decent and the pinto beans were cooked well.

  Surprise, surprise, surprise! I walked out of Sharky's Woodfired Mexican Grill shocked at the quality of food and then saying to myself I can not wait to go back. All the food that day was prepaid to order and brought to our table when ready. The service was quick, the staff was nice and the prices were fair. Next time you visit The Aquarium of the Pacific or are anywhere near The Pike of Long Beach, take time to walk across the street and try Sharky's. All I can think about right now is when I can get some more of those fish tacos.

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