Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ribs, ribs and ribs

Tulsa Rib Company
954 N Tustin St.
Orange, CA 92867

  As long as I can remember Tulsa Rib Company has been advertising about the ribs that they serve. The family and I finally took the time to stop by and give Tulsa Rib Company a try. It is small place right off Tustin in Orange. We were seated quickly and ordered almost immediately. My daughter got the corn dog, my son got the shrimp and rib plate while my wife and I shared the ribs, ribs and ribs meal for two. With drinks the meal was about $70 bucks.

  My daughters corn dog was a bit greasy almost like the deep fryer was not hot enough. That did not stop her from finishing her corn dog and most of her fries. She said she liked her meal.

  My sons plate of food looked good. The ribs were saucy and the shrimp were butterflied then deep fried to a gold brown color. He thought the bbq sauce was a bit too spicy for his liking but the meat was tender. He also said the shrimp were plump and good. He seemed to enjoy his plate of food and had left overs for a meal the next day.

  As for the ribs, ribs and ribs meal for two it started with a corn bread muffin and a bowl of bbq beans. The beans were cooked with what I think was the same bbq sauce used on the ribs. The beans were good. The corn bread muffin was a bit dry and needed butter. The texture was crumbly which made it hard to even butter the muffin.

  My wife and I both ordered the Tulsa potatoes as our side. The Tulsa potatoes were supposed to be tossed in a garlic, herb butter but they were lacking any garlic or herb flavor. The potatoes simply reminded me of thickly cut potato chips. The Tulsa potatoes were not bad but not anything like I was expecting.

  As for the ribs, ribs and ribs plate I was a bit under whelmed by the size of the plate. There were about seven baby back ribs, two beef ribs, two boneless pork ribs and two boneless beef ribs. They were all covered on the same bbq sauce. The baby back ribs pulled off the bone and were tender while still being juicy. The beef ribs were meaty and they were tender too. Both had a nice smokey flavor to them and were good. I tried a small bite of each of the boneless ribs and they tasted the same as the bone on.

  Here is my problem with Tulsa Rib Company. The food was good but it was nothing to rave about. I know amazing bbq is hard to do and Tulsa Rib Company does good bbq. The food was tasty, service was fast and the wait staff was nice. However while I walked out of the restaurant full I felt like the prices were a bit steep for the portion sizes. If you are in the mood for some bbq then Tulsa Rib Company will fill that void but you may walk out with the same feelings as I did.

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