Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New Diner in Towne

Old Towne Diner
152 N. Glassell St.
Orange, CA 92866

  My wife has been telling me about this diner that is opening in Orange for months. Old Towne Diner has finally opened so my wife and I grabbed the kids and headed over there for dinner. My daughter got her usual, kids burger and fries, my son got the Philly cheese steak and fries, my wife ordered the Plaza burger with fries and I got the pastrami with fried zucchini. We also got a side of fried pickles chips and drinks. All together this meal was about $47.

  My daughter finished off almost all of her and burger and fries. Just enough burger for me to grab a bite. The patty it's self reminded me of a well made meat loaf. Lots of juice still in the meat and full of flavor. My daughter seemed to enjoy the burger and fries. The Philly cheese steak, my son said  was meaty while still full of onions and cheese. The sliced steak was cooked thoroughly but remained tender and the onions were sweet from being slightly caramelized. I also grabbed a bite of this sandwich for reporting reasons of course.

  Again for reporting reason I had to try this Plaza burger. The Plaza burger is a think beef patty, bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado and a fried egg. Individually these all sound good but placed on the freshly baked bun the ingredients are amazing. The beef while being thick was cooked to a perfect medium. The bacon was crisp, the tomatoes where sweet and the lettuce was fresh. The fried egg added a really nice richness to the burger while the avocado was creamy and rounded out the entire burger. This will be my next meal ordered at Old Towne Diner.

  The pastrami sandwich I got was good but could have been better. The pastrami it self was slightly fatty and peppery. The thin slices of pastrami were almost lost in comparison to the amount of bun. The classic yellow mustard and sour pickle chips completed this sandwich. The bun was soft and chewy but the sandwich simply needed more pastrami. The fried zucchini rounds were typical but still good enough to enjoy. They reminded me of a fast food chains version of this fried dish. The fried pickle chips on the other hand were damn good. The sour, salty chip dipped in ranch dressing made for a perfect little bite. The pickle chips out shinned the fried zucchini.

  Old Towne Diner really impressed me for the most part. There were a couple areas I would like to see change but that will not stop me from going back or recommending the restaurant. The service was nice but the seating inside was limited. The ordering process was more like a fast food joint then a diner but the food is brought to your table. All in all Old Towne Diner is well worth a visit and a good place to find a great burger.

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