Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Steak Dinner at Steer Inn

Steer Inn
801 S. Tustin St.
Orange, CA 92866

  A couple different friends of mine have recommended the Steer Inn for a good steak. It's been crazy and my wife nor I felt like cooking so it was a good opportunity to finally check it out. When we first walked in the smell of moth balls filled the air. The floors were covered in "saw dust" which to my wife said looked more like rodent bedding you would've bought at a pet store. The staff was friendly and we were seated right away. My daughter ordered her usual, my son ordered the steak and eggs, my wife ordered the bacon wrapped fillet and I ordered the stockyard steak. With drinks the meal came to about $60.

  The burger my daughter got looked like a frozen patty. To be honest I was expecting a little more from a steak house. She ended up only eating half the burger and a couple fries. My sons steak and eggs looked much better. The steak looked like it was cooked right and the eggs scrambled yet still fluffy. My son did say the steak was still juicy  but he said the eggs were dry and rubbery.

  My wife was not impressed by the Steer Inn. She thought the silver ware was dirty and that the restrooms needed a good cleaning and deoderizing. She also had issues with her meal. She said the two steaks were cooked to different temperatures. She said one rare and one well when she ordered them at medium. The cook also forgot to take the tooth picks out of the steak after cooking. So while my wife was eating her steaks in each one she came across the tooth picks that held the bacon in place. Something that could have been dangerous, fortunately for us it was not. The food looked good but just did not work on any level for my wife.

  As for me I went with what seems to be the restaurants go to steak, the stockyard. Not sure what cut of meat this was but it reminded me of a flat iron steak. My piece of meat was cooked at a nice medium and was very juicy. So much so that when I cut into the steak you could see the juices. My only real issue with the meat is there was no seasoning on the steak at all, it did not even taste like they used salt and pepper. So the addition of salt and pepper at the table helped the flavor of this steak a lot.

  I did walk out of Steer Inn with a full belly and so did the rest of family. I am glad we took the time to check this place out. For the most part the family liked the food and I did enjoy my cut of meat. However here are my problems, the strong smell of moth balls was throughout the restaurant and I was not happy about the tooth picks still in my wife's steaks. I would go back to Steer Inn but next time I would either sit outside or get my food to go. I just don't think I can deal with that odor again.

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