Friday, September 7, 2012

Update: New Diner in Towne

Old Towne Diner

  As I sifted through some emails from the blog I came across one from a reader named Al who is the owner of Old Towne Diner. He read through my previous post and saw my comments about how some things could be improved at the diner and asked me to elaborate. My biggest gripe in the previous post was about the lack of pastrami in the sandwich. Al got back to me and told me from now on there will be a half pound of pastrami in each sandwich. A few emails later Al invited myself and my wife to have dinner with him at the diner so he could show me the new and improved pastrami. I gladly accepted and was treated to free meal and few things not even on the menu yet!

  First and for most I noticed the increased amount of pastrami that was loaded on the bun. Next the mustard and pickles are now being placed on the bun before the pastrami so its all together easier to handle. Finally they are now chopping up the pastrami instead of leaving it in long strips. With all these improvements the sandwich was a hundred times better then the first one I had. It is easier to eat and not nearly as messy while being much more filling.

  My wife and I were able to taste the onion rings that they are working on before actually placing them on the menu. Let me tell you this, if Al and Old Towne Diner decide to go with the seasoned onion rings that we tasted, I will be back for those rings alone. The improved pastrami sandwich is now something I would order again were as previously I would have passed on it and gone with a burger. 

  I have never posted an update like this before but I was really impressed by Al and how serious he was about putting out quality food that people would really enjoy. So I only felt it necessary to let readers of PKE know about the improvement.

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