Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Smoqued Dinner

Smoqued California BBQ
128 N. Glassell St.
Orange, CA 92866

  I was craving BBQ and knew that Smoqued California BBQ had just opened in the Orange Circle. Always looking for good BBQ the family and I took a short trip into Orange to Smoqued. Upon walking into the restaurant we were greeted by a welcoming staff and immediately seated. Good thing we got there when we did because the tables filled fast as it got closer to dinner. My daughter ordered kids chicken strips, my son ordered the pulled pork, my wife ordered the half chicken and I ordered the two meat plate which I got St. Louis style ribs and beef brisket. Each meal comes with a choice of two sides we all got mac and cheese and something else. With drinks this meal was about $56.

  My daughter enjoyed her chicken strips and gobbled them up quickly. She also enjoyed the fries with her side of ranch. She said the chicken was crunchy and the fries were yummy. My son is an eating machine and was done with his pulled pork within minutes. So I grabbed a chunk before it was gone. The pork was still moist with a nice smokey taste. The addition of some home made BBQ sauce finished the pork nicely. My son also said the french fries were good.

  My wife and I shared our meat so we could try a variety of the menu offerings without having to order massive quantities of food. My wife gave me the chicken wing and some of chicken breast. I really liked the chicken rub but my wife thought it was little heavy on the paprika side. I really enjoyed the tiny bit of heat in the chicken rub which complimented very nicely with the BBQ sauce. The chicken it self was cooked perfectly while remaining juicy and tender. My wife said her side of green beans were very good because the green beans were cooked well and retained a bit of snap when eaten.

  I really liked the service of food. A large eating surface that allows you to get messy which is required when eating BBQ. I started my meal with the beef brisket, it had a nice smoke ring and was tender enough to cut with a fork. The brisket was flavorful, moist and full of good smokiness. The slices were thick which made them fulfilling but another slice would have made me happier for the price. The ribs were pull away from the bone tender. I was able to clean the meat off each rib without any problems. The ribs had a nice bark on them from the dry rub which added a fair amount of flavor to each bite. The meat on the ribs was a bit dry but the additional BBQ sauce I added made up for that without any real issues. The BBQ beans were a mix black beans, navy beans and bits of brisket. The BBQ beans almost had the same thickness as a hearty chili. I really enjoyed the sweet yet savory BBQ beans. The awesome mac and cheese as Smoqued calls it, really is pretty awesome. The creamy cheese sauce covers the al dente noodles. Not sure what combination of cheese they use but it was cheese to the max. This could have been a meal on it own. Lastly the corn bread was sweet with little bits of corn cooked into it. The perfect vessel to soak up left over sauce and bits of meat.

  We all walked of Smoqued California BBQ with full bellies but not so full that we didn't want to move. We all agreed that the food was delicious. Overall the portion sizes were good for the price and the quality of the food made the prices fair. The staff at Smoqued was also super friendly and very helpful which also adds to the appeal of this restaurant. One thing I know for sure if the family is in need a good BBQ fix Smoqued will be on the top of our list.

Smoqued BBQ

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