Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A stop at Wing Stop

Wing Stop Sports
1541 East Katella Ave
Orange, CA 92867

  Wing Stop Sports is a new concept restaurant by the people who brought us Wing Stop. Wing Stop Sport had just opened they day we visited and the place was busy from the moment the family walked in and crowded busy by the time we left. The menu is the typical wings that you have come to expect and few new offerings. The Wing Stop Sports has many more seats then you normally see inside a Wing Stop and there are many TVs playing sports.

  The family ordered a 40 wing pack which includes one large fry, two orders of veggies, your choice of four wing flavors and four dipping sauces. With four drinks the entire meal was about $45. We ordered ten wings boneless and plain, fifteen lemon and pepper with the last fifteen garlic and parmesan. My daughter liked her boneless wings and ate almost all ten by herself. I did get a couple of these boneless wings and there were coated with a crunchy outside and had a moist inside.

  Lemon and pepper and the garlic and parmesan are my two favorite flavors at Wing Stop and of course Wing Stop Sports delivered the same great tastes. The wings themselves have a crisp skin while the dark meat wings remain moist and full of flavor. The lemon and pepper have a nice lemon flavor that is not too over powering with a bit of kick from the pepper. The melted butter helps to coat each wing with this combination. The garlic and parmesan are loaded with parm and hint of garlic in the background. These too are covered in melt better which makes it so each wing is loaded with parmesan cheese. I have tried other flavor sauce but always end up back with these two.

  The french fries at Wing Stop Sports are like no other fries and I have not been able to find any that match these fries. I wish I knew what the original seasoning was made of but I suspect there is some sugar in it because these fries are sweet and savory at the same time. I personally love the little crispy bits of fries at the bottom of the basket. These are some the best fries around and I will literally crave these things.

  The family was able fill up with the meal but we were not over full. I know we could have easily done the 50 wing pack and next time that might be the order. I must say I did enjoy the larger seating area in this new Wing Stop Sports because I did not feel so cramped. Oh and they also two of the new Coke machines were you can choose from like fifty different flavors of drink. I am so excited to have a Wing Stop close to home and will continue to visit this location.


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